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    I hate my website part 2 - should I add blog? forum? enews? Adventurer
      Hello forum

      Recently I asked for feedback re my current website (which I detest) and got some good ideas (thanks team!). I am now wondering if I should consider including a blog or a forum or anything else useful for my site? Is it a good idea or a nightmare? (I have also noticed how much time it actually takes to blog etc and at this stage it hasnt lead to any leads or revenue generation).

      If you havent reviewed my repulsive website, please do as I am still seeking comments:

      Your thoughts on the future direction is really helpful and much appreciated.
        • Re: I hate my website part 2 - should I add blog? forum? enews?
          StevePo Newbie
          Overall, I don't the site is too bad but there's a lot of room for improvement.

          One of the first things I'd do is change the navigation. When you hover over your navigation bar, the submenus appear above instead of below the main nav bar.

          Also, there were times when I clicked on the nav bar links and I got a 404/web page not found error.

          I would not add a forum unless you have a critical mass of Web site users looking for answers or help in a particular area of expertise. Also, in my experience, forums do little to sell your services if that's the aim of your site.

          A blog would be better suited to building traffic. More specifically, it can help bring in users looking for your services if you write articles/blog postings tailored to that audience. Things like "Top 10 reasons to outsource your marketing," might help connect you to your target audience.

          Hope this helps,

          Steve Pollak
          Pollak Web Design