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    Building a simple website

    KarateKid Newbie

      Our business is in need of a website, however I don't have the time to learn how to create a website. So I was thinking of hiring someone to build it for us, and then I could maintain it. So what type of program should I request that they build the website on so that it's possible for me to maintain moving forward? I don't expect to be updating the website constantly, probably just once a month maximum. Again, just looking for a basic website right now with no transactions/payment capabilities.
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          CrashB Newbie

          The majority of site built now still use good old HTML. HTML is the coding language the browsers read to display the site. Ultimately the program is not as important as the code.

          For someone who does not want to learn code, using a 3rd party is great idea. I would recommend using some one who is good with Dreamweaver and Contribute. The Dreamweaver & Contribute combo, in my experience has worked out really well. I have designed and built out the site for customers, and teach them to use Contribute to update their site. Usually works out really well.

          Note their are other programs that have the same type of functionality, but Dreamweaver is the industry standard for HTML work and there are more people using this combination. Larger updates will be easier to have someone come in and understand.
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              SCORE70 Newbie
              Any idea how much one should expect to pay for a simple, say 5 page, website?
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                  ScubaDive Wayfarer

                  If you buy a simple hosting package and just have some basic text and some images, the cost can be very inexpensive. I think it has less to do with pages, and more to do with setup. Getting setup is the hardest part. You need to find where the pages will be hosted. Do you want to have your own domain? Are you trying to sell a product?

                  Many web hosters have basic packages for just a few dollars a month. See for instance as an example. They have software that enables users to build a website using their own browsers. Good luck.
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                DustinSteller Wayfarer
                The old adage, you get what you pay for, rings true. Some of those cheap services are just :-)

                I have had clients want to maintain their own website, and it works out
                until the client unknowingly messes up the code and the site gets
                kicked off the search engines, or literally doesn't come up any more in
                the browser, or a key file is accidentally then costs the
                you more time and money with the designer to come in and fix things. Then you have no expensive programs you have to purchase and then spend your valuable time to learn. You can't mess up the code and bring your site down and then have to pay the designers to come back in and fix it, all the while you are losing potential customers due to the outtage.

                You can easily have a site built with the backend in place so you can
                login and make the edits online. It's called a CMS (content-management
                system)...It costs a little more from the get-go, but it is worth it in
                the end. You just securely log in to a hidden backend on your website and edit the pages or info with ease, on the fly. It's as easy to use as this forum.
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                  SEO-Expert Wayfarer

                  Before you decide on which type of site to create i.e. self admin through CMS or static HTML pages which can be edited through dreamweaver, you need to decide if the site will be regularly edited, will the number of pages be increased regularly etc.

                  If you need only 5 page site which will not be edited regularly and regularly no new pages will be added then I would advice you to go with the regular HTML site without the CMS as it is not worth the cost and it is better to edit the site with dreamweaver. As a small company you should weigh the cost of site+dreamwever software + your time to learn software. You don't want to spend a lot of money for the functionailities which are not necessary.

                  You can get a site for 5 pages with unique design and flash banner for $1200 to $1500 and it may include your logo design too.

                  We have mutiple sites where few are plain HTML and other is dynamic datbase driven site.

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                      plazad Newbie


                      I agree with Bob. If you only need a 5 page site without regular updates then you don't really need a CMS. We do specialize in building affordable custom websites that can profit your business. The price will be much less than you may have been quoted so far and it will include a logo design. Get in touch with me for a free and no obligation consultation.




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                      bdesq1 Wayfarer
                      I recommend checking out a service called ( Low cost, easy to use and they can build it for you and you can maintain it.
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                        NatOnline Tracker
                        A 5 pages websites $1200 - $1500? Wow it seems very expensive, you can buy a template to start for less than $100, if you've got Dreamweaver you can edit, change and delete as much as you want.
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                          ErrandService Newbie
                          I have never built a website before, but I found that yahoo offers a user friendly web page. They have a system called yahoo site builder that has templates to make your site look more professional. Also it is very inexpensive at around $12/month. Feel free to check out my website to see what kind of quality you can expect.
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                            virtual_kelly Newbie
                            The cost will depend upon complexity. I can't tell you how much I would charge to build your site, however, I will tell you that I've never made more than $700 for building a site before. Of course, my designs are simple. I just want to give my clients a web presence quickly and on a new business budget. You can see my designs by visiting my website.

                            You can always buy a template on line and then edit yourself.

                            Always insist on pure html (Dreamweaver). There are free html editors available such as Coffeecup that you can use to do the edits. Microsoft programs add a lot of extras that may get scrambled when editing in an html editor.


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                              2ShadesofGrey Newbie
                              Hello KK. If all you want is a presence, then go with the inexpensive host providers who give you the tools to create it. Sounds like all you need is a homepage to tell people what you do. A contact page to tell people how to get a hold of you and perhaps some services or products pages listing the products and services you offer.

                              Once you get up and running, then you can see what it does for you. The traffic it generates if any and what people do when they are there.

                              Almost all businesses start out with one of the residents creating their first site. Its when you start to realize just how much your site means to your business that you begin to understand the differences in costs with having a professional come in and creating a new face to the world. As you've seen here already, costs vary greatly. And much of that has to do with the size of their organization, their level of experience, how much they can offer you and how much you're willing to put into it. Site design can be as little as throwing together a logo, dropping it on a page and calling it done, to full useability testing and search engine optimization. Doesn't sound like you're there yet, but preparing some of that SEO stuff up front will help you in the long run. If you can't be found, your site is worthless.

                              Designers vary in what they can offer. Its up to you to decide how far you want to go and to make sure the person you hire to do your site can provide it for you. Obviously your site will need to be created in a form that will allow you to handle updates internally. And pure HTML is the way to go there. You can even edit with notepad. Of course, it is also true, that one mistake can bring things to a halt and without you knowing what you did, will result in more costs as you bring in a hired gun. CMS is great, for the larger sites and companies. Not for 5 pages. IMO. The Contribute solution is really good for people like you. Who don't know much about coding and only want to be able to handle updates. Someone who uses Dreamweaver to create the site can easily set it up so a Contribute user can make edits to copy. Simple.

                              Hope I've helped some and not just added to the confusion. Good luck.
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                                idealtech Newbie
                                We have a simple 5 page website and average computer knowledge that built and designed it thru GoDaddy. Check out their website, it's pretty inexpensive and they have a companion called Website Tonight that we used to create our own. It was fairly simple and we received help whenever we needed it. You can also set up the stop shopping for the average user. You don't have to "know how to create a website" they do all that for you, pretty much plug and play
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                                  CEOWASHINGTON Newbie
                                  if your looking for a custom built website it's going to cost you about 1,000k to maintain it only once a month is $40 a month a very small cost fo having a nice site try i've heard their the best
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                                    vltllc2010 Newbie
                                    My recommendation is Google Sites or Weebly. I can assist you in getting started and even provide you with instructional videos so that you can maintain your site going forward ( Or you can simply take a look at those options and proceed on your own.
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                                      susanabpf Wayfarer
                                      Hi! I think we can help you! We can build you an affordable website and easy for you to maintain. For more information about our company please visit Please feel free to email with any questions that you might have.
                                      Good luck!
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                                        ozkary Adventurer
                                        You can use some free services like:

                               (from microsoft)

                                        The start a basic site with basic email is free. The cost is only domain registration. The online tool has many templates that can be used to build your site. If you do not have any HTML/CSS experience, you site may never look as nice as you would like it to be. At this point, you may want to look for other services. There are tons of businesses out there. I do recomend this site:


                                        good luck