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    Do You Love Candles? Start Your Own Business With Them!

    SimplySweet Newbie
      Are you looking for a business that will provide you with that real feeling of freedom that can be experienced through having all the time and money one could ever want?

      Do you burn scented candles?
      Do you know anyone who does?

      Want to work with a unique, in-demand candle product you can feel proud to market and represent a company where you can earn what you are worth?

      Did you know that candles are burned in over 80% of households and that the candle industry is almost $3 billion strong and growing at a 10% rate annually?

      So, do you think there is
      real money to be made with scented candles?
      You bet there is!

      Let me tell you a little about the team I work with and the company I represent. I'll tell you what you can expect, and then you decide if you want to partner with us.

      I am part of an incredible team of men and women from all walks of life but with similar dreams. At one time, I'm guessing that I was where you are now. Searching for a way to make more money and to spend more time doing the things I want to do.

      I wanted to be FREE TO RELAX - free from debt and free from a J.O.B. I wanted more time to do what I enjoy doing and to have the money to do the things many only dream of! I wanted a stress free, worry free life. I burned candles but wasn't specifically looking to make money from them, but I did my research and discovered that the candle industry might just be the 'vehicle' to help me reach my dreams! To be 'Free to Relax.'

      *Does this sound like what you have been searching for? *

      As a distributor, I work just a few hours a day from home making money by referring others to products I use. In other words, I am NOT a sales person and do not pretend to be.

      Some of those I refer the product to become customers, while others belong to organizations that are looking to raise money so I help them to put together fundraisers. And I've been pleased to discover that many are right where I once was. They are looking to have more time and money to give them the freedom to live their dreams, so those men and women become business partners.

      **Do you see the options this company offers?

      As a distributor, we have basically three options. Some choose to focus only on one of the options, while others will choose to work at all three

      *Our three options for earning money with this company are...

      Retailing * Fundraising * Team Building *

      Those on my team and I agree that our core product is the cleanest burning, longest lasting scented candle in the market place today. You can read more about the complete product line by visiting my Company Website

      Are you asking yourself the most common questions?

      Can I do this?
      Is it possible for me to live my dreams?
      Can I really make more money and have more free time?

      It is VERY Possible.
      It's happening for me and many others
      on this team, so why not you?

      Now, let me ask you just one more question.

      How did you end up on this website? Either you clicked on an online advertisement, you have one of my business cards, one of my brochures or you were referred by a friend --- right?

      We train and coach our partners how to effectively drive traffic to their websites.

      As a team, we offer a Lead Generation Program and offer Advertising Co-ops off and on throughout the year. When you become a partner of our team, you have the ability to participate in both. You don't need to have experience in advertising and marketing.

      We offer a website "just like this one you are on now," at no charge, to everyone who joins our team.

      In addition, as a representative, you'll have a company website just like mine. Here, take a look at it - Company Website

      Don't want to build a team and sponsor others (or recruit)?
      Not a problem!

      We have many partners who choose to focus only on retail.
      That is OKAY!

      Others prefer to focus only on fundraising.
      That is OKAY!

      While some of us choose to do a combination of the three: *

      Retailing * Fundraising * Team Building You guessed it. That is OKAY, as well!


      Regardless of what appeals to you, you won't be alone. You have a full team here ready and more than willing to support, train and assist. We will be here to MAKE it happen for you. All we ask is that you be coachable.

      Between all the leaders who are a part of this team, the knowledge is comparable to a higher degree -- as leaders, this is our career. This doesn't mean it has to be for you but know that you will have the support and education to make this your career should you choose to do so.

      Nothing is forced on anyone. There are no quotas. You decide if you want to earn a little or a lot, then together we'll create a business plan personalized to work for you.

      If you haven't already requested an Information Packet and the Candle Business eCourse, please do that now. The Information Packet will be mailed to you and the eCourse Lessons are emails you will receive to help you determine if this is the right business for you.

      My link: