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      Thanks for coming over. I urge you, Do Not Let This Pass You By! This is a Ground Breaking, Industry Defining Products that can make you a substantial income. This is not a joke and no hype. We wanted a compensation plan that would reward the builders for their efforts in building small to large organizations.

      We have, what we feel, is the most lucrative and generous Two-Tier Affiliate Program today. Most Two Tier Affiliate Programs are designed only to reward minimal compensation for product sales and absolutely no compensation for group volume. Since we have a technology that WILL build HUGE organizations simply through word of mouth of this amazing tool, we wanted to create a compensation plan that would fairly compensate those for the large growth potential of their organizations - not just two tiers of it.

      Here's how it works... First, you are paid on Two-Tiers (levels) just like a traditional 2 Tier Affiliate Program, whereby any personal sign-ups that buy products generate commissions to you. Also any of their personal sign-ups who buy products, also generate commissions to you (two tier) In this scenario, we pay a true 50% on these two levels: 30% on all direct sales and 20% on all second Tier sales of BuzzWords, and Pro Upgrades. For our Ad Packs and BuzzBot Properties Owners, we pay a WHOPPING 45% commission on all personal AdPack or Buzz Properity sales and 5% on level 2 sales, meaning, whenever any one of your personal sign-ups makes a sale, you get a cut of their commissions too! Unlike most other 2-Tier programs, it doesn't stop there!

      We also include: Matching Monthly Income Bonuses on all First and Second Tier Members (match on monthly residual earnings) True 50% pay-out with Roll-Up and ZERO Breakage to the company - whatever is not qualified for with BuzzWords and Pro Memberhip sales either rolls up or gets paid to the Monthly Bonus Pool. Monthly Infinity Leader Bonus PAYS on Group Volume! BIG commissions for people who build BIG teams - you can get paid, not only from your team, but share in the company wide infinity bonus pool! This allows all of our affiliates to earn the FULL potential of their entire membership, and when you realize the potential we are talking about here - literally millions of users below our affiliates, the profit checks will be big and plentiful for many of our users and members. The exciting part is IT COSTS NOTHING to set up an account and start using the technology! Be sure to check the box on the form noting that you would like to become an Affiliate and Earn Commissions.

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      Clarence Williams