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    Has anyone ever started a small real estate company?

    alm005 Newbie

      Here is my basic thought process for my business (Montgomery Capital & Holdings). I registered on Dec. 23rd.

      The Business Officially won't be off the ground until Mid 2010. I believe my ideal is unique. I'm a day trader in the U.S.A. Stock Market. My business ideal is to use my cash to buy investment properties/land, then turn them around and sell through my company in which i'm planning on turning into a real estate company. I plan on generating revenue through selling my investment properties. When I'm not selling them, I plan on generating revenue through renting them. I also will be obtaining revenue from stock divdends and enjoying the rewards of great tax benefits.

      Anyone who has ever ran a real estate company, or rented out and homes please share ur personal experince both cons and pros!!!!
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Depending on 'income' to sustain rentals? Rental property needs up keep and that is expensive, especially when you start dealing with heating-cooling and other infrastructure issues.

          So what is the big plan for selling these investment properties? I see you have given yourself 18 months so what is the plan until then? Accumulating capital? Making sure you have an above average business credit score? Accumulating properties?

          You are planing to have a real estate company. Are you a broker? Licensed agent? If a licensed agent what broker is holding your license and how do they feel about your new venture?

          Great tax benefits? Between capital gains taxes, upkeep on properties, property taxes you must plan on having one heck of a creative financial advisor. One bad trading week and you may be lucky to be eating beans and rice. Is your trading business incorporated or are you using Montgomery Capital as your corporate trading account? Do you even have a financial/legal structure/plan other than a registered business name? Do you have an accountant and an attorney? Have you made a deal with a title company for discounted fees based on volume? Do you have a line of credit? Have you thought about property insurance?

          Do you even have a business plan? A mentor?

          Not to rain on your parade here, but while your idea sounds like fun, your business model could turn on you in an NYSE minute.
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              alm005 Newbie
              Man your tough. But I got tough skin. I actually enjoyed reading your response to my blog post. It was very thourghly explained and thought out. You almost sounded like you had answer the question bout 100x. To be truthful about my business, my business doesn't necessairly have to be profitable. I make decent enough money from day trading. My initial ideal was to have anywhere from 3-5 properties max. I'm a mortgage loan adjustor for a BIG BIG BIG bank, that just recently just bought another BIG BIG BIG bank. This will be my last year working full-time. I wanted to somehow apply my knowledge as an loan adjustor, my overall knowledge of the real estate industry, and my business connections to form a minature holding company of some sort. I do have about an 18 month horizon, thats mainly due to my capital being tied up in stock investments (mainly gold). I'm a Gold Bug, and I expect to see gold back up around $1000 real soon, citi is qouted for saying Gold being around $2000. I think they are either dead on, or way off. So i'm dividing their opion by half, and I really do see gold hitting 1000 bucks. anyways enough bout that. Lets say hypotehically I have between $150k -$200k,will that be enough to hire a personal attorney, finanical advisor (I am one by the way), accountant, maintence... I can easily answer your question (no it wont). Your post gave me great insight, made me think more as to what I really want to accomplish and how I want to accomplish it. Once again I would like to thank you for your post, it was really helpful. I think after reading your post, I have a better direction of where I want to take my business.
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              EyesofTexas Wayfarer
              I'm both a Realtor and a Property Manager in Austin, Texas. Please pay attention to the all of the replies to your posted question. Basically, you should be spending this time developing a comprehensive business plan detailing who your market will be, what type of properties you want to buy and in what price range, location of the country, what will your expenses be? how long do you want to hld the properties, etc.? Will you manage your properties yourself or pay a management company? Do you need to have a positive cashflow? Now is a great time to buy, but NOT to sell. What are your weaknesses, strengths? Once you have all the details on paper, you'll have a better idea of the next step.
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                Maddeb Adventurer
                Although I have not, I do know people who have. One friend owns and rents. He averages about 100 dollars per month per profit per unit. But durnig these economic times, gettin paid on time is hard for him. We know its a buywes martke, not a sellers, but as more and more loose their homes, they turn to renting.

                I also know a couple that flip in the realestate market. They focus on lake properties, as they are about the strongest realestate market in todays economy. However, it requires millions to purchase, renovaten demo/rebuild on valuable lake front realestate. God is certainly not creating anymore ocean fronts, and true lakes. Something to think about if you want to remain in realestate, and have the capital or partners to venture with.
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                  LucyLou Newbie

                  I started a real estate firm that offers property management in 2002 in a small suburb of Charlotte, NC. I found that offering the property management service compliments the sales perfectly. I work with investors, sell them a property (make my comm.), manage the property for them, (50% of the first months rent, 10% per month thereafter), turn my tenants into buyers and sell them properties, move new tenants in and keep the cycle going.

                  We grew VERY quickly and are now the largest management firm in the county. If there has been a "downfall" it has been that by offering the property management, we grew more quickly than we were prepared for.


                  Property Management will always be a thorn in your flesh, regardless of your attempts at organization.


                  My tips would be:


                  Make money off of repairs by obtaining a good relationship with a licensed, insured contractor and disclosing the relationship. In exchange for the contractor getting all your repair leads, have them take all the repair after hours employee expense for you. Repair calls are by far the most time consuming aspect of property management. Obtaining property authorization for repairs..etc. Put this off on the contractor to deal with in exchange for the volume of business that they receive without having to pay for the leads.

                  Consider making money from other investors instead of purchasing with your own money. Purchase your own investment properties as additional income. Let the agents make money for you as the property management accounts give you residual income. The investors will buy more properties as they see the hassle of ownership removed.


                  Join a good, tenant screening network and make the tenant application pay for the fees.

                  Make everyone at the office hold a valid license.

                  Don't waste your money on advertising. Use yard signs, directionals and a good company website. It will be all you need for the rental properties and let the agents pay for their own sales advertising.


                  Invest in a good, money management system that is approved by the real estate comm.


                  Have an accountant audit your books monthly for a minimal fee. It will be worth every penny.

                  I've done this and flipped houses on the side at the same time. I think it's a good combination. The rentals carry you during hard economic times. tenants pay. They know they want to buy a house and they know I'll evict them if it's not in on excuses.

                  Good Luck!



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                    miche369 Newbie
                    I currently have a small real estate company and have been successfully investing and helping others invest since 1986. Our focus now is of course short sales and foreclosures. If you would like to talk about your ideas further e mail me at