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    Can You Really Start A 6-Figure Business For Under $20K?

    wealthsecret Newbie
      I started my first business in February of 2008. I did it for 4 very good reasons: my family. Until then, I was working in the medical field, putting in 60+ hours a week only to be living paycheck to paycheck. My consumer debt was increasing and my 401K was decreasing. I didn't see my family, except on the weekends, and we were unable to afford to do the things we really wanted because of lack of funds. I knew I had to break this cycle of frustration and I had to do it soon! I had put off taking control of my life away from my employer too long.

      In February I bumped in to one of the leading marketers in the country and she showed me how to follow a system of wealth generation. She and her team taught me how to stop thinking like an employee and think like an entrepreneur. I learned how to leverage my time and follow a business system to duplicate the actions and effects of her team. At first, this was difficult for me to grasp. Nothing happened. When I stopped trying to re-invent the wheel and stuck with the proven system, my business began to snowball! I worked a couple hours a day and was able to quit my job. Now I work about 30 hours a week and am earning 3X what I was making before.

      My business cost me just under $20,000. I didn't have that money. But I knew if I didn't make a decision and invest in myself, I had everything to lose. I got very creative and borrowed and scratched and found the investment which put me in a very good place in my business. I have paid for my initial investment and am now doing more than that a month! I still only work 25-30 hours a week. What has this done for my family? We have taken 3 major vacations this year. I am at home now. No more daycare. No more missed ball games or birthdays. We are investing in real estate and in our futures. Now, my family knows what living life out loud is about.
      One of the best parts is we are able to share this with other * _<a href="" mce_href="">entrepreneurs</a>_* who are looking for a way to take control as well.

      Can you really start a 6-figure business for under $20K? I did.