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    Need Line of Credit and Working Capital - Any Advice?

    Desi53 Newbie

      I have a small government consulting and project management firm that is helping to re-engineer the business practices of a major federal agency. Thus far I have been a team of one and have been asked to hire in an additional 8-10 associates. Given the skill sets and the expected compensation packages that are required in N. Va., I do not have the necessary capital to pay the salaries, benefits and overhead to carry the additional personnel. I am told by a couple of local banks that SBA loans packages are taking many months to complete - up to four - due to the difficulty in finding investors. I need a line of credit (revolving?) and working capital - any advice on where to turn? I need to have something in place in 2-3 weeks.


      PS: I thought I posted this question earlier in the day but did not see it. Please forgive me if I am posting it twice.