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    So, what is the IPC progam, another quick rich scheme??

    theor23 Newbie

      Hey everyone,
      I dont know how many of you out there have heard of the independent profit center (IPC) but it has just started this year. Question is, how is it I WILL make money off this program. Well considering the price tag IPC offers, Its more then what you think. Offering many usefull tools to become successful at internet marketing. Why did I join? Well, I was a bit skeptical myslef, I read reviews, no negitive comments what so ever. Its relitivly new, it isnt like those tv commercials where you pay for somthing and get nothing in return, no it truly isnt. Everyone, I know you want to make money online, can it be done in a easy fashonable way? Yes, online marketing is not a tricky business. Its about learning about the atmosphere your in taking in many variables to become successful. Im posting this becuase I want to let people know, this is probably the best beginners site to see money come in. If anyone has any questions please let me know, my email is

      heres an artical I wrote up on it, best regards all, Theodore