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    Are You A Sponsor Or A Recruiter?

    johnnyjoy Wayfarer

      Most people get involved in the network marketing industry with the

      goal of creating "walk-away" residual income. The idea is to build a
      business that continues to generate income long after you stop
      working. And wouldn't it be nice to be able to leave a profitable,
      absentee ownership business to your children?

      The issue is, you cannot create this type of business and legacy by
      recruiting new members. You have to sponsor them!

      What's the difference, you ask? There are many fundamental differences
      between sponsors and recruiters. Let's take a quick peek at the most
      important differences in vital areas of the business.

      Þ Quantity vs. Quality Ü

      Sponsors focus on quality. Wouldn't you prefer to sponsor a manageable
      number of high quality members with leadership potential? Sponsors are
      genuinely interested in the success of their team members and provide
      hands on training and support.
      Recruiters "sign up" as many new members as possible without regard
      for their development. Recruiters hope that a few will stick and turn
      out to be the superstars that will help build their business. They
      sign people up and then move on to sign up the next one.

      Þ Team Building Ü

      Sponsors focus on developing leaders. They take the time and energy to
      work with their new members, teaching them to become excellent
      sponsors. This leads to 'layers of leadership' and fosters strong
      roots and a solid foundation to build a dynamic, profitable
      Recruiters build only on a single level - their first level. They sign
      up as many distributors as possible without regard for the demands of
      training and support. Most of their members quit. Those who stay
      emulate the 'sign 'em up and move on' attitude of their sponsor.

      Þ Developing Relationships Ü

      Sponsors treat their members as they would a husband or wife; they say
      "I do" and work at the relationship. They stick with their team
      through ups & downs and thick & thin. They foster 'long-term'
      relationships. They understand that focusing on the success of each
      individual team member is a sure fire formula for building a strong,
      durable and profitable team.
      Recruiters have more of a 'love' em and leave 'em' attitude. They are
      more interested in a 'one night stand' than a long-term commitment.

      Þ Continuity Ü

      Sponsoring is a continuing process; it's a lifelong journey that the
      sponsor and member make together. A sponsor makes an ongoing
      investment in each person they sponsor. A sponsor becomes a mentor and
      friend to their members. They take the time necessary to develop
      leadership qualities in their members.
      Recruiting is a one-time process that ends when they sign someone up.
      Recruiters are much like door-to-door salespeople who make the sale
      and then move on to the next house. They don't invest in developing
      leaders; they hope that sponsoring en mass will result in uncovering a
      few superstars.

      Become a sponsor, become a leader ... and leaders will follow you. As
      long as you are involved with a solid company, with in-demand
      products, and a fair compensation plan you will succeed, as long as
      you adopt a long-term sponsor's attitude about your business.


      Would you like to become a sponsor, a leader with powerful sponsoring tools?


      Katongole Johnny.s



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