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    How To Promote A New Website - A Step By Step Guide  I

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      Hello Friend

      Many new marketers fail to start because they are not sure how to
      promote a new website

      So today I'm going to show you step by step what I normally do when I
      start a new website.

      Before listing down the step by step instructions, I need to clarify
      that what I'm doing is to promote 15 to 40 pages Adsense website or
      product review website. It can be a static site or a blog.

      "Why is it important to clarify on this?" You may ask.

      This is because you can start many kinds of websites. Adsense or
      product review website is just one easy way to make 'small' money
      online, but when you have 100s of these little sites, it's more than
      enough to quit your job!

      Other forms of website you can start include a squeeze page to build
      list, a mega service site like LeadsLeap, your own product site such
      as your own Clickbank product etc. The strategies required for these
      kinds of website is different from promoting Adsense or product review

      For one, you can't do any form of joint venture for Adsense or product
      review sites. You can do advertising, provided you know what you are
      doing. But search engine optimization is a surefire free traffic
      source that you can rely on and once you get such traffic, it's going
      to serve you for years!

      So in this article, when I say promoting a new website, I'm really
      talking about promoting it to get search engine traffic.

      I'm not going to talk about on-page search engine optimization here.
      You can read it somewhere else or if you post a request below, I'll
      probably discuss it in my next blog post.

      Today, what I'm going to share with you is off-page optimization,
      which is all about building link juice to your website.

      Ok, I hope by now you get the whole picture and are ready to see the
      simple steps that I use for all my little sites that are enough to
      earn me a full time income.

      Step 1 - Bookmark 1 page of your website at Digg and Propeller

      This is the first thing you should do once your website is ready. Just
      choose any 1 page and bookmark it at Digg and Propeller. This will get
      your website indexed by Google, usually in less than 3 days.

      Warning: Don't bookmark more than 1 page and if you have tons of
      websites that look similar, make sure you open different accounts to
      bookmark or your account may be suspended. I have my account suspended
      twice! Technically speaking, you shouldn't bookmark your own website.
      But if you do it under the radar, it is the fastest way to get your
      website indexed.

      Step 2 - Write 5 articles and post to as many article directories as possible

      male female infertility treatment - dangers of hoodia - get rid of eye
      wrinkles - best acne care treatment - best mortgage refinance - sinus
      infection cures - debt reduction solutions - free yoga exercises -
      caribbean cruise luxury - discounted caribbean cruises - hair removal
      method - best elliptical reviews - Some of the directories you must
      "hand" submit to are Ezinearticles, ArticleDashBoard, Buzzle,

      Next, take up a lifetime membership here and submit all your articles
      there. From my experience, 5 article submissions will give you 100-200

      Step 3 - Submit your website to link directories

      There is an argument on whether submitting to link directories is
      still effective as a form of link building. I've been doing it since
      2006 as an integral part of the whole process and frankly I'm not sure
      what would happen if I stop doing it. Maybe one day I should try!

      However, one thing for sure is the links count. If you do a link
      search for some high PR sites, you'll see that many links come from
      link directories. If you believe that every link to your website will
      help you in your search engine ranking, submitting your website to
      link directories is a great way to get tons of one way link.

      You can either do it yourself, which was what I did when I first
      started, or if you have the budget, get a freelancer to submit for
      you. You can get some cheap bargain
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