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    Email Ad Blasters?

    borrowedtime Adventurer
      Good Morning,
      I did a search for email ad blasters and many out there. Has anyone here used any that they could recommend? Just looking for a good company that isn't going to scam you? I';m tryin to get a scam free email sent out to many people. I get a lot of emails myself for everything, so I know there has to be a good Company I can use to do the same thing. Got to get my product in front of as many people as possible. I have a great business and product so I just have to get it out there. I'm using everyones advise in my previous post. GO DO IT! GET IT DONE! PATIENCE! GET IT OUT THERE! Thanks
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          bobert9 Newbie
          Look at Constant Contact or icontact. Customer service is great with either one. iContact has more bells & whistles for the money though (my opinion).
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              bobert9, based on borrowedtime's comment "got to get my product in front of as many people as possible," I assume that he/she needs a mailing/subscriber list as part of the deal. Has your experience with the two providers you mentioned shown a higher success rate with one or the other as far as list quality? If so, which, and what kind of product or service were you marketing? Thanks for sharing any additional info you can.
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              borrowedtime Adventurer
              Actually when doing more searching today this website kept coming they have several catagorys. one for 29.00 month which says you can send out 2.5 million emails a day. Suppose to be opt in spam free emails. The other catagory is ad summiter which you design your ad summit it and they put it on most of the free job classifieds for you, so I'm thinking instead of spending 8 hrs a day posting 1 ad after another to the different sites would you type one ad summit and your done,.Thats 39.00 month. If I'm reading right for 39.00 you get both ad blaster and ad summitter. There is a toll free # to call Which I will but I';m calling them about there product so therefore they are going to tell you what I want to hear after all they are just trying to make the sale which I understand. Just wondering if you can check the website out that I gave you and get back to me as to what your opionion is. Just want to make sure I'm reading this right or not. I do value everyones opionion here. Just doing our due diligence before I jump in.It states sales up 1200%. We all can use that, but is this for real? Please let me know what your thoughts are on this. Again
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                nilads Adventurer
                there's a post here about integiant they claim to blast 2,5 million folks a day for $29 dollars... I had to call amex to cancel my account with them, they kept billing me....they could show me no proof of sending out anything's a bunch a b...l and it proved ) results.

                however there was someone that emailed me using my name in their emails trying to sell snuggies there should be a law against this

                do not open emails from imposters