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    Am I marketing my business correctly?

    moreno Wayfarer
      Hello Everyone,
      I'm a new business owner that sells very unique home decor items that are shipped from around the world but about 50% of my items are made in China yet they too are very beautiful. I tell my customers about the items being shipped from around the world and they seem to be very impressed but i'm not sure that this is rubbing off too good. I know that this concept would work well for states like NY because many are exposed to other cultures and appreciate the beauty of diversity but I am in Georgia. My clientele is mainly surburban moms, middle to upper middle class and my area is mostly republican at heart, if this matters. If anyone has any suggestion on how I should market my items I will be thankful for your feedback. Oh, I do have the "sale" sign in the windows and I do have my board that reads "10%-25% off etc. but I'm talking about my marketing campaigns in advertisement outside of my business.