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    What do I think?

    moreno Wayfarer
      Hello All,

      I am a small business who opened 12/4/08. I sell home decor items, jewelry and imported wine. I have people that come in but aren't buying. At first I thought it may be my prices so I turned the prices around so that the customers would be forced to ask me the prices of the items so at least I can get a feel as to what they like or don't like but no one ever asked so then I turned the prices back around for the customers to see but still no one is buying. Should I be worried or is this common with new businesses,
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          What do I think, Welcome

          Tell me more. The more you share with us, the more I can put into my crystal ball.
          Who are you?? Where are you?? Did you have a Business Plan before you started??
          Why did you open this store?? What was your background??

          and more, LUCKIEST
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              moreno Wayfarer

              I'm sorry for giving such a short synopsis of what's going on. In my previous message I told everyone that I sell Home Decor items such as candles, vases, wall decor, jewelry etc.. Everyone that comes to my store is so impressed with the items I sell and the design of the store but they're not buying only giving praises of how beautiful my items are. I just opened Dec. 4th, 2008 and I know my store is very new but I just thought there would've been more purchases. I don't sell expensive things. The average cost is about $55.00 at my store but I certainly sell things that are $8.00 or $10.00 and i think the range is good but I'm just not sure why people arent buying and or why traffic isn't picking up.
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  What do I think, Thanks for sharing a little more, BUT you need to tell us more.

                  where are you?? Where is the store located?? In a mall or on a strip??
                  Why did you open this store?? What is your background??

                  Help me help you
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                      moreno Wayfarer
                      My store is in a strip mall and I'm located in Georgia. I started this business because I just love to decorate and to use accent pieces to make a room come alive. My accents pieces are shipped from around the world and are uniquely elegant and represent cultures from around the world.
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                          NoBullFunding Scout
                          Welcome Moreno! So the stuff isn't flying off the shelf, huh?

                          Are you happy with the traffic coming through the store in general? My first thought might be that there is someone in town who is selling items for less. Maybe it's time to do some comparison shopping so you know what the competition is charging. Is there is a local wal-mart or chain store that would potentially be offering prices that you can't compete with?

                          My second thought is that, as you know, we are in the midst of a pretty cruddy economic climate. It's possible that people are simply choosing to forego the knick-knacks and do-dads this year until they know whether their job is safe. In that case, all you can say is that you picked a tough time to open and its out of your control.

                          If you want to entice customers to buy, maybe you can do some sort of special sale? There are a million ways to do it...I always like the Hallmark thing where if you spend some amount, you get a special novelty item for free or at a discount price. Or maybe you can just do a "spend $50 and get any item that is priced $10 or less for FREE" type of thing. Or maybe a free gift (like an x-mas ornament) with any purchase.

                          I hope that helps! Best of luck!
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                              moreno Wayfarer
                              Yes, as a matter of fact, I am next to a Wallmart but my items surpass them in uniqueness so while they may be a competitor they don't touch on my decor and what I offer. However, your information has been very helpful and I intend on incorporating some of your ideas in my store. Thanks alot.
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                                  BrassJmes Adventurer

                                  What concerns me the most is that if people don't ask about the price tags then it probably means its not the price thats an issue
                                  Have you tried hanging signs about your store offering special sales?
                                  Something along the lines of "on dec 23 special 25% off of all candles!"
                                  It might be because your products just look expensive (in which case it could become a sort of a motto...)

                                  What about having an event? something like a community even that requires participants to pay money, but all of the income goes to a local charity? just something to increase awareness and give you some publicity

                                  There are numerous ways of increasing awareness.. even without sales and discounts.. be creative

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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger

                        A new store (you say you've been open less than 3 weeks), will get lots of lookers (especially if you're in a high traffic area like next to a Wal-Mart). These folks aren't shopping for anything, they're just curious. This time of year, your type of store will also get lots of lookers who ARE shopping for something, but they don't know what -- they're just checking to see if you have it (whatever it might be, they think they'll know it when they see it). So, yes, what you're experiencing is probably to be expected.

                        The important thing is to make all of those first time visitors feel welcome. You want to be sure the lookers you're getting now become buyers eventually -- you want their browsing experience to be pleasant, and you want them to remember you for all the right reasons (because of your friendliness, unique selection, reasonable prices, a special offer, etc.) and come back again when they are doing more than "just looking." Good luck!
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                          Hi Moreno,

                          I'd try some public relations; consider press release of store opening. It would be great if you could get a write up in the newspaper in the accent/arts section - probably your target market. Consider advertising in periodicals that you read yourself especially if its a local edition.

                          Lastly, next time someone compliments your store; nicely thank them and ask for some constructive input. Are there items that they liked better than others and oh by the way what is holding them back from purchasing. Phrased the right way its not pushy but will help at least decide if its a price issue.

                          Don't give up!