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    Home based opportunities

    pageBuzz Newbie
      We are a home based company and while we have earned more then a million dollars a year we do it with a small home based family team.

      We have one of the most popular hosting system online that is simple and inexpensive. Our primary customers are other home based businesses and we offer personal support.

      To help us grow we have started several new programs to work with other home based people to partner in earning money.

      We have private labled our entire hosting system so anyone can offer the same product that we have spent over a million dollars building for no investment. Work from home and buld up a massive website hosting service one customer at a time.

      We have also started an independant sales agents program where anyone can sell our brand and get paid 60% of our revenue for 1 year. This again is a $0.00 entry level opportunity.

      We would be glad to discuss any business opportunities or ideas that anyone has that could help our business while earning you an outside income.

      If you want to chat, our number, business hours and programs are posted on our website