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    sibelita Newbie
      I'm clothes manufacturer and i need help to find customers. I produce the clothes and i use customer's materials. Can anybody give me advice?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Hi and Welcome

          What kind of advice are you looking for??

          Tell me more. Who are you??????????
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            BrassJmes Adventurer
            Hello sibelita
            To be able to give better advice, like luckiest said, we need more details
            Gives us examples of what you do
            Where do you work
            Is it a local business or something on the web?
            What have you done so far to get costumers?
            When have you started?
            How many people (if any, besides you) work for you
            How do you get intouch with your clients

            Details :-)

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                sibelita Newbie

                I manufacture clothes and i use my customers' material - it's actually tailoring bussines. For example, my customers give me fabrics (overcoating, suiting, trousering, shirting) and they give me list with the requirements and date when the production should be ready and export. Evrotextile is company for production of high quality lady's and man's fashion. It's founded in 2004 year in Smirnenski, Bulgaria (East Europe), we have all kind of machines for tailoring. I have some customers from United Kingdom and some from Bulgaria, but my goal is to expand my bussines.About 60 people work in the company, as i said i want to expand my bussines and i can hire immediately 50 more people for now, but for future i can make them more. i'm trying to get touch with my customers online. Indeed i haven't done any serios action to find new customers yet. I don't have enough experience to find foreign customers, that's why i looked for help in this forum.
                Thank you
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                    BrassJmes Adventurer
                    Hi again, sibelita
                    It looks to me that what you need to be doing is come up with a marketing plan, a thorough one
                    Define your business.. market it in a few sentances.. not too long but certainly more than you've written here. How would you describe your business to your client?
                    How are you contacting your local clients? How do you aquire new ones in your local market? Do you do any sort of advertising or is it just a word-to-mouth thing?
                    Where are you located? What is your target market? How far away is it, physically? How do you plan to work out the logistics? (if people need to bring their own materials on to you, how will they do it?)

                    I just think you need a little more planning, that's all