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    Radio Advertizing vs Yellow Pages & Newspaper Classifieds

    candi58 Wayfarer
      Hello everyone.
      I am new to the small business forum, although I have owned my own business since 2000. I own a residential & commerical cleaning business. Business has actually picked up alot these past 2 months. I'm sure it's because alot more families are becoming a 2 income family and do not have time to clean their own home. Not to mention I have reduced rates for new customers due to the economy. I was thinking about checking into radio advertising after the 1st of the new year to bring in even more business. I've been told by many others that the phone book yellow pages do not work well for them, nor do the coupons that they have enclosed in coupon packets that many consumers get in the mail. I was wondering what you all think about radio ads, and if you know if they are expensive as well as effective? Myself, as well as the people who work for me hang door hangers for my business. So far, none have responded through that type of advertising. Everyone who works for me wears my business logo t-shirts and they use vehicle signs with my business name & logo on them. That does pretty well. Your opinion would be appreciated. Thanks so much. Happy holidays everyone! :o)
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Advertising, Welcome. Good question. It would help if you told me what state you live in.
          It sounds you are making all the right moves, with employees wearing your t shirts, vehicle signs and logos. Maybe you need a Marketing Plan.

          I am a SCORE Counselor and SCORE is FREE. In fact SCORE has a Virtual Learning Center with 26 online FREE courses at " ". The courses include developing a business plan, marketing, targeting your market and more.
          Some quick marketing ideas Discuss the product / service offered
          Identify customer demands for your services Identify your market, its size and location.
          Explain how your service will be advertised, marketed and explain pricing strategy.

          One last suggestion. Talk to a reporter at your local newspaper and get a story written about you, your company and what you are doing for the community. (Free publicity)

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            knight58 Wayfarer
            Hello Candi,

            I worked for AT&T doing Yellow Page advertising for about 8 years. I can tell you that for some businesses it works very well. A lot depends on:
            1. where your ad is
            2. what information you put in it
            3. what your competition is doing at the heading

            If you advertise under maid service you will get less calls than it you advertise under janitorial however, they will be better calls.
            Also, look at local internet advertising because that is where a lot of people that can afford your service will look for it.
            If you would like to talk further send me a email at
            • Website?
              johnpaint1 Wayfarer
              Get you a website going as fast as you can.I havent heard that radio does very much except name recognition.Flyers would be good.Have someone take them DTD.
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                WannaDevelop Wayfarer
                Now that is old school :)

                Going into 2009... You should see what Pay-Per-Click advertising is all about. Much better ROI as a whole once you get the hang of things.
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                  Hi Candi,

                  Have you tried a referral program? Make an offer to your current customers to get you in the door with a new client. You can get really clever with referral programs and create stair step programs that offer even bigger rewards to high referral sources.

                  As far as radio advertising; be sure to analyze what level of response you need to offset costs and be sure to consider that you might get more response than you want. An example of something to plan for or avoid is getting responses that add substantial costs (ie. travel time). If the market area of the radio station(s) is large it may be a cause for concern.
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                      candi58 Wayfarer
                      Yes, I actually do have a referral program for my customers, and they get credit to use off future cleanings. One of my customers has referred about 6 other people to my business, and he just started paying his full price contracted service fee a few months ago. I also offer senior discounts, and I offer term payment discounts. The more service that you pay for in advance, the greater the savings. Some of my current customers are saving over $1,000-$1,500 a year on the cleaning service, just by paying for 3-6 months in advance. The customers that can afford term payments love the extra savings. I only accept a certain number of term payment customers though. Otherwise the money will come in at once, and then it gets spent and put back into my business, and then the paying of my cleaning providers will start coming out of pocket, which I want to avoid.

                      I want to reach more people than just what our local online advertising will reach. It's time for growth, and at the same time I want to save my customers large savings so that they will consider that by signing on with my business, it will be benefical to them.

                      Thank you for your input. I appreciate it. Merry Christmas!
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                          Great job on the referral program, sounds like you are ready to expand and have thought of that. Radio vs yellow pages, yellow pages conversion rates will be much higher because they are looking for your service when they contact you. Radio can effectively reach a demographic but they may not be thinking of your service. A creative radio message will make the phone ring but be ready with a conversion plan. In preparation you might survey your current customers to find out which yellow pages they use and their radio station preferences. Merry Christmas!
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                        Iwrite Pioneer
                        I believe in radio when done correctly and in conjunction with other marketing efforts. I really think it is important to choose the right day-part to advertise in and which station offers the best exposure to your target market.

                        Repetition is important, one spot is never going to be as effective as running it more times. Remember radio stations will negotiate if you ask, only if you ask. There is so much more I can say but I will stick to learn as much as possible. I think you are doing a lot right, radio can supplement your current effort.

                        Good luck.
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                          Love2Dzign Newbie
                          Welcome to the forum. It really depends on your budget, but from your choices, I would select radio, providing you have: 1) a compelling and unique selling proposition and 2) a business phone number or URL that is easy to remember. Also, the timing of the radio spot is important, as another person commented -- ask your radio advertising rep for data regarding listeners by day/hour, etc. Networking at key events or with various organizations can also provide you with the visibility and credibilty you need to take your business to the next level, but as with anything, it will take time to build those relationships. Good luck.
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                            chippiet123 Newbie
                            There is a simple answer here. Voice Broadcasting. Its a fraction of the cost for Radio,Newspapers and Postcards but its twice as effective. Every small business owner that uses it loves it because of its simplicity. If you would like to know more call me at 828-682-3693 Mike
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                                Iwrite Pioneer
                                Please tell her the flip side to voice broadcasting - that some potential customers find it more intrusive and a violation of their privacy because you are calling people at home. Voice broadcasting can be an either love it or hate proposition more than other forms of advertising because of its nature, it ranks with telemarketing calls, and we know how people love getting those.

                                All that being said, if use it as a reminder of a special or that it is time for another appointment, and to a list of people who indicated that they would like to be contacted by phone, then use it. But it still does not measure up to radio for reaching a public that is not asking for information. With radio it is accepted that there will be commercials, it is part of our culture but not so much with you telephone.

                                The potential to upset people who don't know your business is higher with voice broadcasting, but it does have a place in a marketing mix. As an introductory tool is not it.

                                No matter what you do, the key is to shape your message to fit the audience and present a real benefit to them. Be careful and good luck.