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    Money to lend, low interest rate, no questions asked.

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      O.K. for all of those looking for a handout, I am sorry to disappoint you. For those of you serious about trying to secure financing, here are a few tips:


      People and institutions who lend money ask questions. They want to know how they are going to be paid back. Don't expect a loan without documenting what you are using it for and how you will pay it back. Paper work sucks but tough.
      If you have bad credit or poor credit you will pay a higher interest rate. Risk versus return. That's how it works. Private investors generally require 25% or more on a good project with someone with good credit. If you don't fit this profile, you will pay more.
      If a bank will not lend you the money that is your first sign that:

      You might be a bad credit risk
      The bank thinks you might not be able to pay the money back (think about that statement, they are in the business of lending money and they don't want you as a customer!)
      You will pay a higher interest rate somewhere else


      Prepare your documentation prior to talking with ANY lending institute, be prepared and get help if you need it.
      If it sound too good to be true, it probably is.
      Read he fine print - many financing companies charge high fees on top of rates.
      No one in Nigeria is actually going to give you $1million dollar ssight unseen - don't pay the processing fee.