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    What member(s) have been helpful to you on this forum?

    NoBullFunding Scout
      Sometimes I read posts that are in response to a question, and they are truly enlightening answers. Who has been helpful to your business, or helpful in your quest to get into business?

      I find that Lighthouse consistently offers comprehensive and to the piont answers. So thanks Lighthouse, I think your contributions improve the quality of this forum!
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          golfheaven Adventurer
          Yes: Definitely he does very insightful and helpful. You jason are included let's not to forget I write,Domain Diva,intechspecial, Adducent,Growth Curve, Fortis, and of course lucky to name a few off the top of my head. Sorry if i forgot someone this was just a quick one . I have been beta testing a little on a new blog here in Atlanta just launched is looking for a few good people to contribute in spare time check it out Hope you all have a Happy Holiday Season.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            NoBullFunding, I really appreciate the compliment -- your "thanks" is almost as good as gold, and really made me feel good.

            To answer the question you asked, the majority of answers I've personally marked as helpful came from: Iwrite, DomainDiva, GrowthCurve, GolfHeaven, NoBullFunding, and Luckiest. But each of you have offered valuable input and contributions in many other threads, too. I enjoy reading your posts, and while we may not agree on every issue, I do feel that you are always trying to help the community with your participation.

            As far as the other contributors I'd recognize as MVPs over the past year: SantaFeCPA has consistently provided good, thorough answers to tax/accounting questions (when the person asking provides enough info to do so); AMSPCS has provided some of the most helpful and balanced responses to merchant services questions; Milleisen was offering good answers to lending/financing questions (without promoting anything) for awhile, but seems to have gone missing. Same with SEOpro, who briefly offered some fantastic advice for DIY website developers, and dublincpa who addressed a lot of tax questions; Adducent has posted some good articles/reprints that can really benefit new/start-up business owners; Mongoose, Bluesuit, and snippered always seemed to add useful new information and a fresh perspective to topical subjects and ongoing discussions; NatOnline, Puzzleman, caffeinated, FCPainter, and Uncle Leon have provided some great insights to current and prospective business owners from a real business owner/operator perspective. The same could be said for EdO'Gee, MnlyTechnlgy, and Buffalo (but they all seem to have gone missing, too).

            Over the past three months, there has been a huge increase in the number of posts that only serve the purpose of the poster, not the community, yet there have also been a few new members join during that time who have already offered some very helpful contributions. Elite1 and EagleEye come to mind off the top of my head. I'm sure there are others I just haven't read often enough to recall by user name yet.

            Being able to read all of your positions on key business issues is invaluable to me as a management consultant, author, and trainer. The explanations and rationale you provide here give me a heads-up as to how my clients, readers, listeners, and students are likely to think -- which helps me be better prepared to address their questions, concerns, or arguments in advance. The "good" you do often extends well beyond the SBOC.

            So my sincere thank you to all the regular participants, as well as to all the less frequent contributors who offer comments within their specific areas of experience and expertise (very often, someone who has rarely if ever posted before comes up with the very best and most helpful answer).

            I wish you all a safe and happy Holiday season, and a healthy and prosperous New Year!
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                caffeinated Scout
                Thanks for the shout out Lighthouse24. Its a shame that some members mysteriously disappear after providing great content. Two members in particular that I've enjoyed responding to and haven't seen in a long while are snippered and designer. I hope they're doing well with their respective businesses.

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                  NatOnline Tracker
                  Lighthouse24 thank you.

                  It is always a pleasure to read your posts and articles. Many members are great contributors to this young forum, some have gone.

                  I would like to thank some members that really gave helpful information particularly on online business, SEO, etc

                  I have worked with MnlyTechnlgy member in programming "Thanks BoA to make such a network" and was very happy to find a great developer/webdesigner, they did a terrific job. I also connected with a few other members bringing very specific information for my business.

                  I agree that a few members made huge number of posts that only serve the purpose of the poster, not the community and trying to compete or intentionally deviated the suject of the thread on the board which is silly. Unfortunately, a some good members left after that even myself including for a few months because that doesn't bring anything to the community and it's boring.

                  I also mentor on a webmasters forum, and always be happy to provide great information in this forum when it is needed by members. I am still following the trend on internet which is very important for all online businesses.

                  I wish to have more vocabulary in English because I came from France, Paris, so please excuse bad English.

                  Happy holiday to all, and I hope everybody don't forget that behind each computer there is a human being.
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                  I hope i've been of service to this forum - I try to give the best advice i can think of based on my experiences, but i'm no where near on the level as some of you old dogs :P I've just seen a few of these scenarios play out, and i share what I've learned from them through others.
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                    Maddeb Adventurer
                    I've got several favorites, and posted them under shop talk: Moral/Ethical

                    I hope to contribute to this community as they have, however I've only spied this site for about a month. I've started to contribute back to this community, and can only hope to give valuable advice from my experiences.

                    It's easy to tell what members are most helpful, by going through posts, reading their profile, and going through their contributions.

                    Thanks to all the committed members to this community