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    Starting up a lunch truck business??????

    risen242 Newbie
      I am looking to start a lunch truck buisness from an established truck with an established menu and location, but I am looking to move it closer to where i live. I was curious if anyone has any knowledge on the topic. I have been looking into permits and trying to figure out the in and outs of the buisness. Anybody with advice or helpful jints would be greatly appreciated.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting up a lunch truck business, Welcome

          YES I can help. Who are you?? How do I get in touch with you??

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              cbrown Newbie
              Hi, I'm in Oregon, husband & I sold our retail business last year after 18 years of operations; I have been working in a "green collar" public sector job but realize that I miss being in business for myself and am definitely an entreprenauer at heart! This LUNCH TRUCK business question popped up on my Google search.

              Our rural area is full of windmill construction projects, and I know the rule: "find a need and fill it". There is a huge, unmet need for services for these construction workers as well as the long-term employees of the wind projects, and I am focusing on the lunch truck idea. Specifically, a "gut wagon" type to bring snacks, sandwiches, drinks, etc around to the various sites mid-morning through mid-afternoon. There are 3 windmill construction sites within 10 miles that could be one route, plus 2 additional, larger construction projects within 30 mile range for additional routes.

              My questions: what kind of customer base is required for a viable 1 person (or 2 person) business; financials such as food cost %; how to determine what to stock and source product; "prep" requirements esp for sandwiches/wraps (can it be done from home or only in a commercial kitchen); is having a hot food "special" for each day a good touch; and how to find a used truck? From my business background, I have the skills to write a business plan, deal with financials, manage inventory, serve customers, deal with all the regulations, etc. however, I do not have a restaurant background (only concession-stand type volunteer work), so the management and pricing of self-prepared food items is new to me.

              Thanks for your help and any advice you can give.
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              skydalimit Wayfarer

              Hi my name is Sky Dalimit, so you want to start up a lunch truck business, i can help you incorporate/build business credit to be bale to finance your business and build your website for just $1000 have any questions please email me at:

              you say you want to move it to your nearest location, where do you live? and once you are incorporated you will be sent all the right info forms, amount of fees you need to pay for licenses and permits that you will need for your business, that's the best thing when you are incorporated.