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    Seeking Joint Venture Partner(s) in Custom New Construction

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      Our company is looking to Joint Venture with an investor or group of investors to build pre-sell and speculative custom homes inside the beltline in Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas. We use an innovated and exciting niche product that is "green" and takes less time from design to CO than conventional building methods while providing a superior product. Two speculative and two pre-sell projects have been identified to begin. Work on these projects such as acquiring the property, specific house design and engineering and other preparation work must begin now for spring sales and closings. We will also offer to other builders in the Raleigh NC area, a building package for their prospective clients or spec houses that will include engineering and design of the new houses, building and finishing, all design and marketing materials, built in real estate fees, all banking negotiations and interest payments for 12 months. The builder will get a complete custom home built to specifications with one clearly defined preconstruction cost and clearly defined profit margin. All the guess work, unpredictable and
      costly delays are no longer a worry because our company takes that worry away.
      There are also no more worries with getting loans or integrating accounting,
      or budgeting for interest payments. No more paying for marketing materials
      because it's all included. We work with the banks, the builders own
      accountants, and we use our highly trained subs for every aspect of your
      project including all finish work of custom millwork and custom closets.
      We take care of the permitting, the HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical
      contractors. We also build our homes to meet all of Fannie and Freddie
      criteria including the new time lines. Investors are needed with resources but not necessarily initially liquid assets. Profit sharing will be the source of compensation and the net potential is high with conservative estimated profit margins of recent projects at 300K to 500K. Not all profit margins will be this high depending on each specific project. Each profit margin will be estimated prior to the start of a project. Our company takes care of all aspects the projects from start to finish including, but not limited to, acquiring needed funding with the help of the Joint Venture Partners, identifying and acquiring building lots, market analysis, design and construction of homes and other property which includes all aspects of the building process in a superintendent capacity, marketing, listing where appropriate, sales and future projects; project identification to the closing table. Our company is a complete package company in need of funding resources. Parties interested in exploring further the possibilities of this exciting Joint Venture please contact us to set up a phone or face to face interview/discussion. You need not be from Raleigh to inquire about this Joint Venture possibility. Email
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          Just an additional note for potential investors from other parts of the country. The Raleigh area in North Carolina has not seen the housing plunge many other areas have seen. We are still a growing area bringing in industry in Research Triangle Park and the various hospitals and universities that are in the area. The location inside the beltline is a much desired area in which to live with very high housing and land values. If you have thought about investing to make money, this, of course, is not a get rich quick adventure but the profit potential over a few years time and with just a hand full of projects in this location is very high. This is an opportunity to grow a multimillion dollar company.