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    Free* Vinyl Banner for small businesses Newbie - leading online Vinyl Sign and Banner superstore, is running now a limited special offer - Qualified prospects can get Free* Vinyl Banner sign. See details at

      We are sure in present economy downtime any business can benefit from a free advertising their services in a form of Vinyl Banner

      Thank you,
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Am I understanding the terms correctly? As I read this, "free" means that I'd pay $9 (for shipping), then before I even know anything about the quality of your work or service, I'd post "valuable information" about you and a link to your website on my website. You'd then have to approve what I posted before you would print the free sign, and finally (the kicker) "We reserve a right to cancel any order without any notice, explanation or reason."

          Maybe I should offer the same deal on my latest book to members of this community -- they pay the shipping, post a positive book review on Amazon having never read it, add a link to the book's website on their websites, and then if I approve of what they said, I'll send them the book -- maybe, but I don't actually have to.

          This offer achieved one thing -- it made me visit your site. I can't say the terms of the deal left me with a good impression, however. I'm offering that feedback not to be argumentative or critical, but rather because it looks like you have a decent business with the right products and competitive pricing -- and I'm not sure the offer supports that image, or sends the message you really want to send. Just my perception. Best wishes.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Free Vinyl Banner for small businesses*

            So as Lighthouse says, free is NOT FREE

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              NoBullFunding Scout
              Being the holidays and all, I'm going to assume that our friends at e-signs are trying to be creative in how they promote their business. I like the line of thought, and I think Lighthouse's sentiments will reflect the reaction of many potential customers.

              E-sign, I think this is a good idea. Just tweak it by offering full disclosure on the shipping cost, and ask for a "review" after the product has been shipped, and get rid of the "we reserve the right to do whatever we want" clause. Maybe just make it a limited time offer or limit the number of banners you'll do under this deal? That will solve the issue of getting more requests than you want to honor.
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                thank you for the criticism,

                can someone give us some practical advise and help how to recreate this page to be more attractive and appropriate?

                I do have to have very strong limiting disclaimer on that page, I think i need to have a right to reject anything coming from the page. There are many safety, security and moral reasons for that.

                also, I need to hold responsible free banner customers for the link obligation somehow. My first thought was - show me the link, and we'll send the sign. Obviously it was not well thought through concept. Can someone suggest how to rewrite it for a win-win situation.

                And the banner will be on me :)