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    Anyone Need Free Press Release Writing and Distribution?

    TopSavingsNet Wayfarer
      I am sure we all could use free PR. Here is the deal with the title ... I am about to do something that I KNOW will be duplicated by many soon after this, but I am going to publicly offer this anyhow right here.

      The deal is very simple and to the point. So simple in fact that I am going to number bullet it. Basically become my customer and I will word a nice press release discussing our transaction and how it relates to your industry as well as submit the story to 50 paid and free release sites. Google news is not guaranteed, but I have a good success rate with getting my releases indexed.

      1. Visit TopSavings.Net or contact me, Aaron Siegel toll free at 1-800-959-3918
      2. Find a telecommunications product that will benefit your business productivity.
      3. Contact me via email at siegel(at)topsavings(dot)net with your business phone for an interview for the story.

      In these tough economic times this will benefit you and me. I will be working my best to create intriguing stories when possible to increase readership and exposure for both of us. Feel free to let me know what you think of the offer here as well. Bad or good? Pure genius? (hint hint)

      These press releases will be first come first served, however all will be served who become a customer and email me with the information for the interview after becoming a customer. Hope to hear from all of you soon!