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    Dallas / Fort Worth business owners, I got an Idea!!

    CoolHandMatt Wayfarer

      I've noticed that a lot of you guys and gals are local DFW area entrepreneurs. I think its great that I have so many resources here in my own back yard. I asked myself this morning "Self do you think any of these DFW business owners would be willing/interested in helping you with your endeavors?"


      Ok, so maybe thats a stretch, but here's the straight deal. I see posts all of the time from people in the DFW area. Marketing pros, finance guys, tax professionals, web developers! All right here in DFW. So because of this I'm putting in the call to all of you in the DFW area who might be interested in working along side with me in my business.

      Here is what I do: I operate an entertainment and events guide called The goal of the site is to help people find things to do, not only in DFW but nation wide. The premise is this. We allow anyone who is hosting an event whether it be Nightlife (Bands, Live music, Karaoke) Arts (Plays, Museums, Art Exhibits) Sports (Golf tournaments, Poker games, Basketball) Special Events (Concerts, Expos, Gun Shows), Kids Events (Parties, Fairs, Disney on Ice etc), Community Events (Church fund raisers, Town meetings) to post a flyer for these events. People can then browse the flyers and images, by city and date. When they find one that looks interesting, simply clicking on it will reveal all of the associated details, date time, links, cost, etc etc, there is even an integrated Google Map.

      Here is what I need: Professional Marketing help, Good Content, Word of Mouth, Technology help, Corporate Tax Help, Capital, Investors, Sales etc.

      Here is what I can do: In return for services I can offer the following in no specific order: Cheap online advertising (possibly free), Equity stake in the company, Future Capital Arangement, Sales Commissions, whatever I'm open to work with anyone.

      I think I have a really great thing going here. It is working and it is growing quite rapidly and I think that is my problem. I'm trying to do it all myself and its becomming too much.

      Ok so i figured Id put this our there to all of the local DFW people. Lets work together and capitalize on each others talents to make this a big thing. Like I said I'm open so if you have something to offer lets talk about it. My latest publicity stunt is to offer local businesses a month of free ad space in exchange for a link their site and some word of mouth publicity. Let me know.

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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Hi Matt, this is something our team may be able to help with as far as technology. However we are in a mad rush to get up for beta testing so we can't be of much help for another 60-120 days. We have to get through to application launch and some other business developments. I do know of another forum member that may be able to offer assistance in another area as well.
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              CoolHandMatt Wayfarer
              Sure thing!

              As far as technology goes. I could use some expertise. The site, as is, works and works well. I currently employ a programmer who is doing all my work for me on a part time basis. He is good and knows his stuff however I think the site is rapidly out growing his expertise.

              In the near future we have plans to add several additional features to make the site more competitive and user friendly.

              Some of the features we have in store: (on the list, so to speak)
              1. Detailed User supported restraunt guide
              2. Email options, subscriptions, advanced profile and notification options.
              3. RSS Feeds
              4. Intuative searches
              5. Move Guides

              Just to name a few I could proably make this list go on for days!

              But please let me know and we can at least start talking about this now.

              Thanks again !
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                  CoolHandMatt Wayfarer
                  Sorry to post another idea on a post that is already my idea. But I just keep thinking about this and the more i think about it the more I realize that it could be really a good idea. I guess putting like minds together is the whole point of this site. But I dont know if all of them working on the same project has ever been attempted.

                  I really think this could be something. With enough individal member support I think Bank of America (see upper right hand corner of your screen) might even be interested in lending a hand.

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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    Hmmm I don't think the site is growing out of his expertise, I think you are putting too much on him at once. The way you post indicates that your brain moves very very fast. That's a good thing, except it can be overwhelming to people trying to help you. They get overloaded and go to their happy place. (trust me, I have one as well). What I see in your posts is a product pipeline....not business acumen to get the business going.

                    Step back and define a list of business steps, then prioritize them, make some kind of a flow chart showing any overlapping such as marketing etc., My aol email is on my profile. I will need to know a bit more so I can help you out with this. Do you have a business plan? My accountant and attorney, both of whom I had a 20year + relationship did not drink the kool-aid until they read it. You more than likely have these relationships as well, but friends need to know that there is something viable and a business plan says to them that you are serious. You will also have to get some money. There are expenses and people have to be paid. For instance, if my people decided to work with you, there would have to be some small financial renumeration as well for them, not me. How much of your own money are you putting in each month? Have you cashed in all of your IRAs' and sold the stereo? I am serious.

                    Our technical expertise is software architecture and code and visual communication/design. Intuitive search is extremely complicated, you may want to put that at the very end with all of the email stuff. You need to define what you want to be: a clearing house for information or an information concierge.

                    Contact IWrite another member of this forum for your advertising and marketing. He has us on the right track.
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                        CoolHandMatt Wayfarer
                        I defietly agree! I think way too fast and start peicing all the puzzle together in my head before even looking at the whole picture on top of the box. Its kind of "A word to the wise is enough" kinda thing with me. However I am a very logical and methodical type personality. In my previous work life. I was an Air Force Pilot and after that was a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt for Washington Mutual and a Large Manufacturing Company, oh and not that it matters but I also have a degree in mathematics. Im not trying to say any of that is a big deal or bragg but just let you know that I understand all the aspects. Attention to detail, management and taking one thing at a time and keeping up with all the formalities of a corporation are most definetly on my mind also.

                        As for your other questions.

                        I am bootstrapping this whole thing myself. So I have spent all of my time / money. I dont have a stereo, but the 1963 Mercury Comet Convertible, American Made stratocaster guitars and motorcycles have all been sold or are being sold in order to help out. I do have another issue to deal with. I was fine being broke and managing my own business as a young bachelor. Hey who needs food right! However in the past few months a few things have changed, now Im also a brand new dad and have new mouths to feed and responsibilities that take priority.

                        I also have what I think is a very slick business plan! Its over 50 pages filled with all the money making statistics, charts and graphs, profits and losses yada yada yada that any one could want. It could prob stand an update since it was written a year ago and the business has evolved since then. But other than that Im covered.
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                            DomainDiva Ranger
                            Pilot. (sigh) Ex airline person here....maintenance not ops....
                            SixSigma. (sigh) totally useless in a creative technology design environment.

                            Mathematics YAY!

                            Having things on your mind is good but they need to be organized. Its like an aircraft AFM..organized information about the aircraft flight characteristics, weight & balance, take off minimuns etc versus the OPS manual which tells you how to operate stuff and contains an MEL.

                            Start passing that business plan to your professional friends after you cut 25 pages out of it. Separate the financials and leave those in an attachment. Go to and start looking at what Guy Kawasaki offers in advice about business plans and executive sumamries. Theres a lot of good stuff that you can use. A good business plan does not overwhelm the reader. (this is the lesson I learned....)

                            Yeah I am bootstrapping this myself as well. Our final hurlde is 12000 to launch at an industry conference. I feel your pain my friend. It's wonderful to see someone else in here who puts their money where their idea is!
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                      LUCKIEST Guide
                      I got an Idea!!, Well Matt

                      I think that it is a GREAT idea. I live in New York so when you expand let me know.

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                        I think our company might be able to help you out in the technology arena. We provide small business to enterprise networking, website, computer, and security solutions. I think you have a great idea and hope there is something we can do to help. I am looking for referals for our services in the DFW area.

                        Let me know what you think after you look at our site;


                        Matthew J.
                        Co-Founder/Security Analyst