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    Help wiht business plan

    jamie.14_ Wayfarer
      I'm having some trouble writng a good business plan... can anyone suggest any good resources or software that might be helpful?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Help with business plan

          I can help, SCORE can help. (Both SCORE and I are FREE).

          Other good sources, the library and book stores.

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            woundcarenp Newbie
            Your state web site will have a detailed step by step on how to start your own business, a business template plan and suggestions. In addition, many cities have local colleges which offer free seminars and help. One other suggestion, there are local chapters of SBA in communities which provide information, I would start with my state web site as a good resource.
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              OP1242 Newbie
              I just got finished reading a book entitled, "
              Bankable Business Plans", by Edward G. Rogoff. Got it through It's really good and describes what's included in and what it takes to create the highest quality business plan. I highly recommend it, unless you're looking for shortcuts. This book tells how to do it right, especially if you plan to use your business plan to get funding for your business.

              I am trying to form a new business now and this book is helping me a lot toward putting my thoughts on paper and planning ahead. It's also helped me raise my expectations.
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                herculestex1 Wayfarer
                the sba is not only free but they walk you through it. check for your local office. and the website. they have a contest and offer a grant on the best business plan. free money to some lucky winner. once a year.
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                  CPA_No.Calif Newbie
                  Try Business Plan Pro - cost about $99 but well worth it. Also, find a local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) usually connected with local community colleges. They have low cost classes available, usually for under $50 that can also be very valuable.
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                    doublej Newbie

                    Hi! I was having the same problem and found two sites that were very helpful to clarify some areas on my plan. &
                    these sides provide some free templates and examples to follow. Hope this info helps with your business plan.

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                      srplanner Newbie

                      Scope: Your strategy is the foundation of your business plan, be it for acquiring financing or just a better business. Develop a mindmap first of your landscape - i.e. Enterprise, Your product or service (what, how used), your market (by usage or other characteristics), Your marketing and sales (from brochures to channels), your competition (industry and specific players to you), Your production (or service delivery - how you produce), Your materials and inventory, Suppliers and Financials.


                      Test it: Even some of the best looking plans are flawed, so it would be a good idea to get it tested for Free. offer a no-cost assessment, along with helpful suggestions.



                      Sample: There are many formats for Business plans, but it's the strategy told within that makes the difference. Sample Business plans should only be reviewed for format vs. content. It's unlikely that you will find one appropriate to your business with a good strategy for you - Business plans are semi-confidential and no competitor with a good strategy will want it ever shown to his competition.


                      Note: The samples do work better during times of economic prosperity.


                      Thinking Strategy: Stories and case studies of great Business strategy are just the type of catalyst you need next to develop the strategy for your plans. Unlike sample business plans or fill-in templates, you shouldn't be looking for the specific tactics, but rather the strategy or objectives in play. As it's often difficult to find these sources, we've made many of them available at enjoy!


                      Strategy: Now write down (a) your key objectives for the next year (w/specific timing and cost figures), (b) your priorities, and finally, (c) A set of action plans for each objective.


                      Format: While there are many styles of plans, your only concern should be that it is in the format preferred by the SBA, banks and investors. Luckily, if you use any of the leading commercial Business Plan packages like those from Planware, BPlans, or Business Plan Pro, they are all compliant.


                      The Google Video referenced below (that we also use on our site) is packed with the information you need to put all the pieces together (except for possibly some additional research). We've reviewed a ton of videos, and could find no one else who offered better insights.



                      Closing: has turned the Business plan and strategy planning process into a combination of an art and a science. Please don't hesitate to visit us for more help.