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    7% Guaranteed Return on Tax-Free Investment

    Invest4U Wayfarer
      Our Company has payment streams available to qualified investors and/or firms
      interested in earning a 7% tax free yield with varying maturity dates.
      This Paper is Insurance Grade from any one of twenty of the largest
      insurance companies in the world. Each individual deal is Guaranteed by
      State Insurance funds up the $300,000. The average deal's funding
      requirement ranges from $25,000 to $500,000. In today's turbulent
      times, this investment provides a high yield coupled with very low risk
      that is tax free.Call- 1-877-617-3262 for more information.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          You are advertising for investment funds to be deposited with you, yet you do not post anything in your profile on this website.

          Sounds like an investment deal too good to be true and tax free as well! Is this an offshore venture? Theres a guy named Madoff that may be interested.....
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              Invest4U Wayfarer
              No, this is not an offshore venture, and we are not requesting ANY funds be deposited directly to us. The investor would actually choose from a variety of payment streams available through annuity reassignment. The annuity reassignment is Tax-free based upon 26 USC 5891. The payment streams would be assigned DIRECTLY to the investor from the insurance company, after the legal assignment has been completed. Investor monies would be escrowed until that time. We'd be happy to discuss the opportunity by calling 1-866-690-6737.