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    Business Plans

    sbmark Newbie

      Where can I get a good (& inexpensive) template for a business plan? Any suggestions?
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          SCORE17 Wayfarer
          You can obtain a template from the SCORE web site and write it yourself for free, in my opinion the best business plans are ones that are tailored to the business.

          Most libraries have either binders or electronic subscriptions to sample business plans that you can also download for free.

          I've also had a friend use: which costs about $200 for the basic template but worked for him in getting a loan from a bank.
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            SCORE86 Newbie
            The SCORE web site, as previously mentioned, and Microsoft's web site have several templates for business plans and the financial exhibits that support them. I also like the book Business Plans for Dummies by IDG Books for explaining how to put a plan together. These tools, plus an office suite software package to construct, should permit you to write a comprehensive plan that will suit your purposes.
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              Score133 Adventurer
              Another great source of information about businesses and business plans is the US Small Business Administration. Simply go to and you will find information and links that will get your business going in the right direction. The Office Depot website,, is another comprehensive resource that I've found extremely helpful over the years. Good luck!
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                WEBillions Adventurer
                Many of the Rich Dad books give a lot of good advice as far as business plans go. I really enjoy reading those books. All of the arguments are presented in such logical ways, which I like being a scientist by education. Plus, there is some humor thrown in, so they are really entertaining.