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    Assaulted by annoying ads

    Iwrite Pioneer
      Val_Card asked me: "dear advertising executive...the other day you said how annoying it is to be assaulted by ads....???? if not for advertising how would you pay your bills?"

      Here is my answer: Anything can be abused. What bothers me is that on this forum we are talking about business issues and the only contribution someone wants to make is to promote their business or service. It is like you are talking with a group of friends or co-workers about a specific subject, and a person walks up and just starts talking about his/her business which is not really related to the subject but the person insist on talking about.

      Is this advertising? Yes.

      Is it effective? No.

      How does it make people that you want to sell to fell about you or your service? Not good.

      The goal of advertising is not to be intrusive. No one likes the screaming radio commercials and I don't do them. I tell clients that want to do them that there is a better way. I believe this. Attempting to hijack a post for ones benefit does not invoke good feelings. Always claiming your product is perfect for every occasion lacks believability. And with that, there is no trust.

      I am good at what I do. To call placing a link to a post "advertising" is a stretch to me. It lacks a message, it doesn't speak to the audience and it doesn't build credibility. I think you will find in most of my posts about marketing and advertising that I have remained consistent in saying that your advertising has to have a message. I say this about print ads, tv spots, radio commercials, direct mail and even posting on forums - have a message that connects to the target.

      But I understand that some see this forum as a field to be mined, there is nothing wrong with that. But how you mine it will determine what you get from it. Talking to me is always better than talking at me.

      I try not to battle with anyone, it makes both parties look bad. I simply have chosen to ignore certain folks for the sake of peace. I hope this answers your question.
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          val_cards Scout
          Dear Iwrite: you bring up a valid point...I am a fan of Billy Mays...the pitch man extraordinair...he sells the most products by barking on TV... I doubt anyone cannot recall a product he has pitched...they may not have purchased it but the brand has been imbedded in their brains forever. and that is effective advertising. They may have waited to purchase orange glo after it got into stores but they did buy it and that is exactly what he was designed to do ...I doubt there is anyone on this site that is not aware of the products that I have to offer...and in saying that much I have accomplished what I have set out to do...sorry in which the mannyer I did it...your truly just a sweet guerilla mktg girl
 and of course one of my darlings
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              Billy Mays uses infomercials (a paid spot) to advertise. He doesn't burst onto the set of "Meet the Press" or the Nightly News and start pitching his stuff. That's exactly what you do -- jump into the middle of a discussion with nothing of any relevance or value whatsoever to the people who were participating.

              Billy Mays pitches legitimate products. I use some of them. I've recommended some of them to others. He is not trying to blatantly mislead, deceive, and double-talk the people who take time to listen to his message. He makes it crystal clear from the outset what he is selling, and the terms of the deal are always honest and up-front with satisfaction guaranteed.

              Billy Mays is a professional. He is informed, aware, and respectful of the FCC, FTC, and other guidelines that apply to his craft. The guidelines for this community explicitly state, "respect the community's mission by not using it as a marketing channel." You're thumbing your nose at that, and at us.

              I don't know who you are, but Billy Mays you ain't!