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      I opened a daycare in WI in August. I have a partner. It is a brand new facility. We are licensed for 105 and we are at about 60 kids. We are doing fine. But we need about $50000. This will keep us going until we generate enough income to pay back the money we borrowed to get us going.
      We do not accept credit cards. We rent right now but plan to buy the business next year. Any ideas on where to get a loan? So many places want us to take credit cards. Thanks!
          jeffbenat Newbie
          Well heck, let's just get you set up to take credit cards. It really is a pain-free process :) We don't make money on credit card processing (we make our money on our Merchant Cash Advances), but we do have our preferred processor who guarantees the lowest rates and no contracts. This could be beneficial to you in two ways: the first and most obvious is the convenience and added revenue from possible clients and second we can provide you with funding in the future since we will already have a relationship established through the processor and can get the money to you within 48 hours (as opposed to the typical 10 business days that it takes normally). Just a thought! and Happy Holidays!

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