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    SCORE17 Wayfarer
      I have a SCORE client opening an Optometrist shop and trying to choose the best exterior (and interior) signage package. What colors are most effective? Any other tips I can pass along for effective signage? Thanks.
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          Marzipan Wayfarer

          What type of surface would the signage appear on? Is it glass vs. brick vs. wood? Is the store located in a sprawling like shopping center (thus requiring a more noticeable sign) vs. a pedestrian friendly street (where getting noticed may not be an issue)?
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            SCORE17 Wayfarer
            It is going into a strip shopping center (high end) with average to high traffic on the fronting street. The signage will go above the shop's main entrance and will need to be visible from the street.
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              JavaJoe Wayfarer
              I am not a signage expert, but have worn glasses and contact lenses for practically all my life. First and foremost, the sign should have a professional feel too it - nothing too splashy (e.g. bright yellow, etc.). But, at the same time, not too sterile (e.g. stark white & black). When customers and potential customers look at the sign, they should get the impression that the Optometrist shop is clean, reputable, friendly and professional. I hope that helps.
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                  gweinger Newbie
                  I agree. The key here is that the sign is professionally done. There's such a difference when a sign is done by a professional graphic artist than when it's done by an amateur. It's well worth the extra cost in terms of confidence you give to the consumer.
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                  DustinSteller Wayfarer
                  As a designer, I also recommend good contrast. ;-)
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                    talbratton Newbie

                    Most sign companies have a design group that provide this for you, usually at no cost. Check with them first. The sign should be consistent with the color schemes the store would use in all applications such as furniture, handouts etc...
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                      LUCKIEST Guide
                      SCORE 17, As you know, Signage is any kind of graphics created to display info to the audience,
                      on the street, inside and outside of buildings.
                      Think of the Las Vegas Strip. If you google "Signage", you will find many listing
                      of companies that be of service to you and your client.
                      Good luck, LUCKIEST