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    ECommerce Merchant Services Specialist - Say Hello!

    Highcap56 Newbie
      Hello all!

      Found this when I logged of BOA this morning and was pleased to see the activity in the forum.

      I've been involved in Merchant Services since 1999 and provide processing for several hundred E-Commerce Merchants and Retail Merchants.

      I am an ECommerce specialist and help my merchants sell more. No companies that I know offer this type of assistance for free, and as a result my merchants avoid a long ecommerce learning curve and learn quickly the best ways to advertise for free and improve their conversions.

      We provide Wholesale Merchant Services through an E-Commerce Owners group that offers one of the most attractive rates in the mix for merchants of all sizes.

      In case you did not know, and the other merchant folks will immediately want to hang me for telling you this; All merchant account providers have the same base costs. The difference is the profit model they will accept.

      We prefer higher volume over higher rates and as a result, our merchants don't leave us.

      So .. there are no "Deals" "Rate Buy Downs", etc.. I've heard it all and it gives the industry a little tarnish on it's gleam with those that play games to get business any way they can.

      Here's the beef .. When you talk with us you don't get sales talk, you don't get a guy trying to get you to sign up before you can evaluate the offer, you get real consulting and assistance with your particular need.

      So, I suggest that one conversation will make you a believer.

      Also .. we offer a $100 bonus for new accounts. When you make your first sale, we will send you a check for $100. If you refer a business that chooses to process with us, we will pay you $75.

      Other matters .... We offer a 1 year agreement, with a very low cancellation fee. Never a fee if you go out of business, OR if you give the courtesy of a call before you leave for what you think is a greener pasture.

      Rates to 50K monthly are: (these are internet rates... contact me for retail)

      2.05% Check Cards
      2.15% Qualified Cards (Normal US Issued MC/VISA)
      2.62% Rewards Cards
      3.62% Foreign/Corporate

      $20 minimum
      20 cents total transaction fee with AVS
      $8 Statement
      1 Year Contract
      Authnet Gateway - $20 per month if you need it, $50 setup for Gateway
      No Application Fee

      We'll review your statement for free and show you the savings.

      Ok ... as a new member that is all the selling here I will do as you now have an idea about what I do and my company.

      It would be great to get to know some of you..

      I am open to answer your ecommerce and retail sales and marketing questions here so that I can put my knowledge where my mouth is and help out with some positive, profitable, information.

      Check out our references for E-Commerce exchange on , the official Yahoo Store forums. I am a 7 year member there with over 3000 posts.

      By the way, if your statement shows Up-Charges (Interchange Increases) for charges done in previous months, but you have no way to find what it is, that is called back-billing and is a old game I am seeing more and more. They are hiding the stuff for a reason. You need to have someone see what the game is and what you are really paying.

      Thanks and say hello! Again, I am happy to answer your questions related to ecommerce, however if it requires pages and pages, I may ask for brief conversation to save my fingers! :)