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    Why look at MLM? Part 1 of 10

    ChrisEaton Wayfarer
      Join MLM as a social activity

      MLM is a great place to meet people and have fun. There are business
      meetings, training meetings, cruises, cookouts and fireside chats where
      you can meet lots of new friends. Conversation topics are normally
      business and personal-growth related. I know many people who have found
      their spouse in MLM, because there are so many people and so many
      events one can attend. Every 12-18 months most MLM companies hold
      national or international conventions where people meet from all over
      the world. This is a great place to meet people. Personally I've made
      friends in over 90 different countries. It's rare to find an
      organization outside of MLM with as many opportunities to meet people
      and socialize. Another aspect of social activities is working with
      friends and/or family members. I've seen very often that couples would
      like to work together in their own business - MLM offers that
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