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    Social Advertising through MySpace

      Believe it or not, People still use MySpace over Facebook! Some claim it's because of lax policies, others are just riding the first train they've ever went on, but for what ever reason, I find it to be interesting. I personally hate MySpace, it has a dodgy interface and is overall slow. I use MySpace Toolbar Ultimate ( to help circumvent this problem, it's a neat little toolbar / plugin for Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox that alerts you in real time if you get any messages, even allowing you to clean up messy profiles with a simplify feature. Pretty nifty stuff... Back on topic: Social Advertising is a wonderful way to reach your audience, and since people are still on the MySpace bandwagon, double the effort should be considered when wanting to launch across an app like Facebook. Maximize your efforts and make two different campaigns for each of these networks, and increase the number of people that see it. MySpace has really changed tactics, and is once again looking to regain their throne as the number one social network - What do you guys think about this?