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    Has flyer distribution gone to the dogs?

    FullAccessExp Adventurer | Flyer Distribution, Door Hanger Distrubtion:

      asks: Has flyer distributin gone to the dogs?


      In an age of MySpace, Yahoo!, Google, and countless other search engines marketing has widely gone viral. When consumers have access to an infinite amount of information both on the web and on their phones does flyer distribution or door hangers seem outdated? Sometimes attempting to convince a new customer about the advantages of flyer distribution and door hangers seems like an uphill battle. However, in all my years of Guerilla Marketing I can honestly say it's the most cost-effective method of creating word-of-mouth buzz and a compelling call-to-action for just pennies. Printing is extremely inexpensive for 4 color, high-gloss flyers. You'll spend more on the distribution than the cost of the actual flyer. Yet, utilizing a dependable, honest, distributor can make or break your campaign. In my early years of Guerilla Marketing I've seen flyers dumped in the trash. I wish I could say it's not case anymore and it never happens. However, the best way to combat this problem is contracting a reputable flyer distributor who employs professionals and not folks looking to make a quick buck and paid in cash at the end of the shift. I founded my business on the principals of honesty and integrity. I come from a family of small business owners and understand how far marketing dollars must stretch. It's almost not enough to just meet expectations. Rather, customers really want an agency that goes above and beyond their expections. Full Access Experiential stops at nothing short of deliverying each and every time! Let us know how we can help you. | Call: (800) 231-7814 |Full Access Experiential Event Staffing Nationwide creating Live Brand Experience

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