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    Quick question to those available to reply

    val_cards Scout
      I don't know how many folks are aware of this but did you know that plastic cards are harmful to our environment. I did extensive research on the subject and have learned of this special fully biodegradeable product. I know you probably think right now what the heck?

      How many people are receiving and or giving gift cards this year? Did you know that hundreds of thousands of gift cards are distributed by stores nationwide daily and once they are printed on they can never be destroyed. They get put into some fill and can't be recycled..

      I personally feel that everyone should do their part in keeping our planet free of contaminants. In my ideal world one of the few cards that are 100% biodegradeable is I wrote to a senator and he liked the concept. Unfortunately the cost to produce is much higher than styrene or plastic.

      Who feels that it is worth the additional price in the interest of keeping our planet green?