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    The Last Economic Solution

    Easypick Wayfarer
      Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. I have written a blog I think that will help alot of people whom are involved in home-based businesses. I first entry is complete and t will be followed by more good and detailed information a person can use to find the business that is right for them. Also they will be able to learn how to advertise and promote their current business. With the economy today, you have to do something. Banks are failing, jobs are closing so what your answer? Check out my blog at to see what I am talkign about. Also I have an online radio show that I am about to luanch and would love to hear your ideas and invite you on the show to talk or listen. Sta tuned for more information from me that might can jump start success in your home-based business.


      Shawn J.
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          scribesays Wayfarer
          That's great, Shawn! We need more help in these tough times.

          I'd also like to share a book with you that has transformed the way I take care of my home-based business' profits. It's called Millionaire Manager (available at Amazon, Borders, and at their website,, and it's a quick, easy read.

          You know, the problem with so many businesses is they don't truly understand how to get profits—or how to see them clearly. This book helps reveal what's going on under the surface in a simple, delightful manner with a sharp, witty voice.

          There's also a video the company created called I'm Hyphen Screwed on YouTube right now (maybe a blog topic here for you?):