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    Flier Distribution - Flyer Distribution - Product Samples

    FullAccessExp Adventurer | Call: (800) 231-7814 | Flyer Distribution | Mobile Billboards | Street Teams put together a street team for a flyer distribution job in Texas. Last minute the client decided to distribute flyers themselves in the most populated areas while leaving less dense areas for our street team to work. It caused us additional driving we did not anticpate. I had already quoted them a price and they had paid in full. Has anyone also experienced the same obstacle? If you're a client then, have you been in a similar situation? What is best practices in terms of approaching/solving this obstacle without hurting the business?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Not the same type of business or experience, but I've had circumstances that caused ad hoc changes to work in progress in such a way that it was impractical to amend the original contract. In those cases, my first step is to get it clear in my head what my bottom line "must have" outcome is in terms of payment or whatever is at stake, and to ensure that my position on that would be perceived as reasonable and legally defensible. Next, I decide what I'd LIKE to have, and ensure that my position there would still be fair to the other parties involved.

          With those two positions in mind, I set up a meeting. At the meeting, I review the circumstances with the other party to make sure we both have the same facts about whatever happened, and that we both interpret the causes and effects the same way. Then I propose what I'd LIKE to have as a solution. More often than not, I've gotten exactly that -- end of meeting. If it doesn't work that easily, however, I negotiate toward my bottom line position, ensuring that if I give up something, I get something (a future project with better terms, a personal introduction/referral, etc.). This "builds in" a way to keep it from hurting my future business, and strengthens the relationship by presenting the appearance that I'm giving up a lot (even though I'd already decided before the meeting that I could afford to give up whatever I'm agreeing to).

          Hope that helps.