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    How can I finance a childcare business?

    jamie.14_ Wayfarer

      I keep trying to post here, but my posts from early today have all been deleted. Please do not delete this post...

      I am looking for a way to finance an established childcare business that I would like to buy in North Canton, Ohio.

      I am interested in speaking to anyone that might be interested in lending, investing, or anyone that can give any advice.

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          val_cards Scout
          visit your local bank...they are also known as money lenders....also google hard money lenders
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            NoBullFunding Scout
            Hello Heidi,

            If you have the historical financials, and they demonstrate sufficient cash flow to service the loan you want, a bank would consider it, but it would also depend on your personal credit, collateral, outside sources of income, and your experience. If there is real estate involved, there may be a chance you'd qualify for an SBA loan.

            Have you reached a tentative purchase price for the business? How much money do you have to put down?

            Part of what I do is help borrowers get their application package together for banks. If you need some help, email me at
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                jamie.14_ Wayfarer
                Well... you see that's the problem. I have no collateral and I don't have a good personal credit history and I have no money to put down. And there is no real estate. What I'm looking for is a private lender willing to give me an unsecured loan... I'm willing to pay ANY interest rate on it. If I can 't find a lender, then I'm lookin for an investor; I'm willing to give 50% of all profits to anyone willing to help me finance. The asking price is $100,000.