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    I have a US and Intl Patent Pending but...

    famunet Newbie

      Hi to everyone,

      I stumbled across this forum and thought I would post my issues.

      I recently received an International and US Patent Pending for a program I wrote to help families who are at-risk of dissolution, parents in need of parenting classes, children who are on probation and for children going through the reunification process.

      I just received approval from one of the area's largest human services organizations to be used as a referral. I also have interest from a gentleman in Kansas in being the first to franchise my business. Tentatively, I have a rate of $25k per year, per county plus a 5% royalty fee for a potential franchise, based on a 4 year contract.

      My problem is I am in need of financial backing and/or someone with an MBA with a Human Services background to help me get this project afloat. I've had international interest in my business, yet I don't have any business experience on that end to make this happen in the US and abroad.

      Please contact me if you know someone who can help me with this issue. AN NDA/Confidentiality statement would be needed to release any more additional information.