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    Low cost ideas for employee recognition?

    FashionGal Wayfarer
      I've got a great employee, but I don't have the funds right now to give a raise or bonus. Does anyone have any good ideas for ways to show employee recognition & appreciation without breaking the bank?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Yes I have a few suggestions. It would help if you told us more, like how long you have been in business
          and how many employees you have.
          One suggestion is TIME OFF . It is summer time, an extra day or week off.
          Another is DINNER and a SHOW for two.
          Can the employee work from HOME??
          Let me know if you need more ideas
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            SCORE45 Newbie
            You can designate an 'Employee of the month' and provide special recognition such as a convenient parking space; an inexpensive framed certificate to hang on a wall; mention in a newsletter or intra office email communication; basic gift certificates to a show or restaurant; and many other things included those suggested earlier by others. If you have staff meetings, identify the employee publicly in a staff meeting.
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                david28078 Adventurer
                In my corporate days I found that Emloyee of the Month seemed to alienate the person from the general team a little.

                I actually bore the brunt of some this once as I was Manager of the Month with a certain company back in the early 90s 9 times in a row and I was left feeling a little "out of the loop with my peers"

                I don't know about this one......

                Say in San Francisco Employee of the Month gets a parking space - em - that's worth winning but.... well I didn't like it...
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                gmonkey Wayfarer
                I tell you, sometimes just telling the employee that they are doing a great job goes a long way. People sometimes forget how important that can be.

                I have also seen books available online that detail 101 things you can do for employee recognition (maybe it was 1001 things!).
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                  BDS INC Adventurer

                  I assume you own a retail clothing store of some type. I use to own a retail store and was in the same boat you were in. What I did which if you can afford, is I took my best employee with me on supplier runs. Yes he enjoyed the day to day stuff, selling clothes, tagging, inventory, but when I took him to suppliers (I coughed up 600 bucks to take him to the Magic convention in Vegas) he worked even harder. Educating him on the buying process was more than he could have ever imagined when he took a job at a small retail store. My advice is to teach your great employee as much as you can about the business, he or she will fill more fulfilled about their job even without the raise.
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                    GasisaRipoff Newbie
                    A recent survey by Inc said time off and $ are the best by far according to employees. That is no surprise.

                    James J Moore, AIC, MBA, ChFC, ARM
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                      idealtech Newbie

                      Give an employee who works hard a day off with pay, unexpectedly. Make sure it is face to face and tell that person how much you appreciate them. Of course that means you would have to cover their shift, it only costs you your time!
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                        WEBillions Adventurer
                        In addition to time off and a big thank you, you could also consider giving the employee a title boost. People find getting a better title a really great thing.
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                          SR23455 Newbie
                          How about posing the question to the employee...."I really think highly of you and appreciate what/how you" ...fill in the blank, elaborate on specifics - why do you think they're a great employee?... "and would like to reward you however finances are limited. How can I best show my appreciation to you?"
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                            brkflwrs Newbie
                            I am glad you have this question. I am starting up a business that cater to businesses/people like yourself. I am looking to start relationships with businesses that would like to recognize their employees for "a job well done" and birthdays. I have a candle and basket business that could be given to women or men.
                            My plan is to create a database with names and birthdates (without the year) and track these myself. Relieving the managers from this duty. I will drop the gifts off or send ship them to the jobs on the employee's birthday or day of recognition.

                            My question is, how would you, as a business owner, like this idea? Would this help you in your operation? How much of a budget would you set aside for something like this?

                            Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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                              david28078 Adventurer
                              Hello Fashion - I have found in the past (previous businesses) that a simple and sincere Thank You works wonders - after that small gifts.

                              Right now I use Amazon gift cards emailed to the person directly.

                              I also never take my clients for granted and email them the same from Amazon
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                                architect Newbie
                                Remember to say "Thank YOU" and show you mean it. Often, that goes a long way.
                                Gift, raise, money etc should realy depend on your exact situation. You don't wan to set precedents you wont be able to keep up with in the immediate or even distant future.

                                So if you have a realy small shop (less than 20 employee) a personal gift like a dinner etc could be appropriate, for a bigger organization, you may consider the Gift Card option or even a token monetry gift (bonus) during the holiday season.

                                But don't forget the thank you.
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                                  NatOnline Tracker
                                  I will say, buying a few tickets for an event like a show, sport, etc...
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                                    diamond Newbie
                                    Hi, I gave a gift certificate to one of my employees for a "Day of Beauty" massage , facial etc. well deserved and well appreciated. I also think having your best employees at your home for a special dinner is a personal touch or a cocktail party.
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                                      akgold Adventurer
                                      Don't forget the simple and thoughtful way of showing appreciation by writing someone a personal note on a nice card. When I was at boarding school, the headmaster came to a lacrosse game and wrote me a note about my performance on the playing field. That made me feel great. To this day, I try to write notes to people with whom I work to thank them. It's something that is easy to do and it really does make you day.

                                      Especially in this day of electronic communication, what could be nicer than a hand written note on a cool card?
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                                        Matzz22 Wayfarer
                                        I am working with Ribbon Gift Album. Depending on the you budget, you get those albums ranging from $25 - 750 and hand it over to your customer.


                                        You just have to consider your budget here and not the customer's taste etc as there will be a number of options for your customer to choose from. Then they will just pick up the phone or order there gift over internet and the gift will be shiped to them, of-course no shipping.


                                        This can be proved to be an excellent way of showing your appreciation.


                                        Let me know if you need further information.


                                        Best Regards.
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                                          puzzleman Tracker
                                          I have several part time employees that are primarily retirees. They have been around the block and seen all of the corporate gift programs and are not impressed with them. I have found that they do like free food! What an amazing concept! So, I am randomly bring donuts one day, a cheese and meat tray another, cake another, vegetable tray another and so on. I try to make no rhythm to it, so it is a nice surprise when they come in and see free food on the table in the break area.
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                                            LT Lawn Care Wayfarer
                                            Gift cards!

                                            I buy gift cards to places I know my employees like - Outback Steakhouse, Champs Sports, NFL shops (I have an all male crew) but when I am ready to reward - I simply let them choose what they are in the mood for. A $50 gift card for a job well done, should not break the bank.
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                                              DomainDiva Ranger
                                              All of the ideas here are wonderful, gift cards, spa stuff but I just received a little 2008 pocket calendar with a note pad do hickey that I am totally in love with! Maybe something like that personalized with "thanks for a job well done..we appreciate you." Everytime your employee takes it out of her purse there it is...your appreciation!!!
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                                                CorpCons08 Ranger
                                                There are some great ideas on here. Here are some of the lower cost ideas that we did for our employees while we were just starting out:

                                                1. Personalized business card holders, name plates, picture frames. These items can be engraved and prepared in a very short time at most malls. Most of them will cost you $20 - $30 and they look very impressive when done. We gave these to our employees and they loved them. It was a sense of pride.

                                                2. Gift cards. I see this has been suggested but you can't believe how much people really love these. Places like Target, Best Buy or WalMart. Employees can then use it towards the purchase of something they want.

                                                3. Special recognition at an employee staff meeting. Getting the attention and gratitude of your peers is a GREAT self motivator. You should recognize your employees at various meetings to show that they are doing an exceptional job.

                                                Hope this helps anybody thinking about ideas.