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    Any passionate sci-fi people out there?

    Thorsun Newbie
      Hope everyone is doing well. I am a producer trying to get my first feature under my belt. I'm definitely prepared to go the slow route of making a short film first and seeing how it does at the festivals, but I've come across a fantastic feature sci-fi comedy. Anyone who has looked at scripts will understand me completely when I say that it is very difficult to find a great one. I have found a diamond in a pile of coal. Everyone that reads this script enjoys it, recognizes its potential, and agrees that it is a film that's got to be made.

      Right, so I've got the script, I've got a crew that is experienced (Cinematographer from 'Saw', Oscar nominated sound team from 'No Country for Old Men', etc.) and excited about this project, and I've got a CG animation team that will really do justice to the space scenes. Now I just need to find a way to connect to people that can provide the funding (yes, I know... the story of every budding film producer's life). I've tried the sites that connect you to investors, which are breeding grounds for scams. I'd be happy to try to establish working relationships with various businesses, but I live in southern Arizona and don't really have access to healthy businesses that would be in a financial condition to invest in a film.

      Does anyone have any suggestions on how to connect with potential investors? This is not a solicitation for anyone on this board. I'm well aware of the rules of investments and I know I can't just put out a post like this asking for money. I'm asking for advice on how to meet with and establish a relationship with a person or people that could be in a position to financially back my projects. I have plenty of other projects planned after this first film. Thanks.