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    Street Team | Mobile Billboards

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      Does anyone know of any local auto club in their home-town they could recommend for us to contact regarding mobile billboards? We seek out auto enthusiasts or heavy commuters who are willing to have their vehicles graphic wrapped in exchange for payment.

      Any recommendations?

      WANTED: Commuters & Businesses

      • Commuters traveling 60++ miles daily
      • Commuters traveling in major highways, turnpikes, interstates
      • Commuters traveling to work in hospitals, schools, universities
      • Commuters in all major cities!
      • Commuters with a reliable vehicle in good cosmetic condition (Year 2000 or newer model)

      • Businesses seeking low-cost mobile billboard alternative
      • Businesses seeking unique advertising capabilities
      • Businesses seeking to expand their exposure on the road
      • Businesses seeking to reach new consumers