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    AdWheelies | Mobile Billboards | Car Wraps

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      Full Access Experiential delivers up AdWheelies

      **AdWheelies a new mobile billboard company matches consumers and business to create affordable guerilla marketing.


      PRLog (Press Release) - Nov 27, 2008 - Full Access Experiential, a company based in Orlando, FL has yet another form of creative advertising to meet your business's needs. Full Access Experiential's, AdWheelies is a mobile billboards marketing arm reaching consumers during their daily commute. AdWheelies matches commuters with businesses seeking mobile billboards in all types of settings. AdWheelies turns a consumer's daily commute into valuable mobile billboard advertising hours projecting key messaging to thousands of potential buyers.

      Tired of the same old expensive billboards? Try something new!
      Contact: Full Access Experiential at (800) 231-7814 or on the web at


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