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    Marketing/Promoting/Advertising Loan for My Business?

    lawsmith11 Newbie

      How is everyone?

      I have just started an online classifieds ecommerce website ( I have just launched in October and haven't really pushed marketing it yet for two reasons 1) capital 2) economy.

      This business is ready to go and I am thinking about pushing it even with the recession we are in now. The only issue is I do not have the capital I need to fund the marketing of the website. The company hasn't generated any revenue as of yet so that may be an issue BUT I know of the potential this company has. I am sure that although this company is ready to go and has launched that it may be considered a startup company because of the lack of revenue/income.

      Any suggestions on retaining capital for a company with the potential of making millions but to date has ranked in next to nothing? Maybe an SBA loan? Investors? Maybe go the route of going public (SEC)?

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!