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    Banks Want It, You Need It, We've Got It

    NoBullFunding Scout

      So you've heard about business plans, right? While a business is a good "roadmap" for business owners, it won't always contain everything a bank needs to make a decision on your loan. NoBullFunding is proud to introduce a new product that is specifically designed with lenders in mind. Our "Application Optimizer" product is written in the same format as an actual loan approval memo, which is music to the ears (and eyes) of a lender.

      Sections include: Executive Summary, Business Background (including ownership structure), Use of Proceeds Summary, Loan Request (amount and terms), Projections, Income Statement Analysis, Balance Sheet Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Personal Credit Analysis, Personal Income Analysis, Personal Net Worth Analysis, A/R and A/P Analysis, and Collateral Analysis.


      Presenting an optimized loan package to a lender sends a clear signal that you are organized, knowledgeable, and serious about your loan request. Virtually all the questions that a lender might ask will already be addressed, leaving the lender feeling good that you understand your business inside and out. While we don't guaranty that you will be approved, it will guaranty that you'll put your best foot forward.


      Email us at for more info.