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    Your profits called. Have you answered?

    maxprofits Newbie

      All we read about today is doom and gloom. Nothing uplifting about the potential of small business owners to succeed. And yet, there are many businesses out there that are succeeding. At least those that understand HOW to run their business. But what about the small business owner who has just captured a million in sales and finds him/herself floundering on what to do next? Spend more money in advertising? Not the answer. Borrow more money - not the answer. The answer is first and foremost - before you spend or borrow one more cent - learn about the financial end of your business. Learn to read your financial statements on your own. The reason businesses fail is because the owners turn the most important part of their business (their financials) over to someone else to care for because they don't want to be bothered learning about numbers. Big mistake. Huge mistake. And a way to put yourself out of business fast. Take a fast peek at this cartoon that just started circulating at If you are struggling, take a few minutes to browse The Secret button. It if fits we encourage you to buy the e training. Special price at the end of cartoon 2. Don't miss it. Live experts are on hand to help you figure it out. How much easier could it be. Pass the word around. It's fun. It's needed. Let's all lift up the economy together. The ship does not have to sink. We don't have to walk around with tin cups. We can and will survive. All of us helping one another.