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    What's wrong with my site?

    lathenut Newbie
      Have only been online for a few months. Am connected to Google payperclick and have done three email marketing emails. So far half the people that wanted the emails failed to even open them. Google has gotten me visitors but no buyers. Would appreciate it if someone would take a look at it a tell me what I may be doing wrong. Thanks
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          rouldph Newbie
          One thing I find wrong is you have check out without having any price list on your
          products and in order to see the price you have to go to the chek and find the price.

          If I was going to buy I would want to see befor I buy the price should be posted with your products

          one other problem you neen to set your footer with a way to show waht you have on your site
          for the spider to find you this is a good way to also have people find more out about you and what
          you have on the site.

          Need some content in your site and more about who you are about and maybe add some products
          that customers are looking for and the best way to see what other webmasters have to offer in something
          as to what you have listed.

          You can go to other sites and learn from them.

          Your site is ok but need more content.
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            SOHOguru Wayfarer
            You are off to a fair start. What type of shopping cart is this? I recognize this layout as a template.

            There are a few things that can use some attention:


            Get more pen products. The domain name suggests that the focus of the site is on pens. That should be the focus of the home page. The other categories should be mentioned as other gifts, but not treated on the same level as the focus of your site, which is indicated to be "pens". There definitely needs to be more of a selection of pens. Stay focused on your main product line.

            Get professional pictures from your distributor or wholesaler, or retake the pictures with an ironed, unwrinkled background. Take the pictures with the pens displayed in the same manner - either all horizontal or all vertical with the same lighting conditions.

            Add as much description as you can. For instance, one pen is called a walnut comfort pen. The color of the pen in the photo is greyish and the photo looks "off". The description should explain why this is called a "comfort pen". Is the barrel hand-turned? Is the hardware steel, brass, copper? What colors are available for the ink and ink refills? What color is the standard color that is shipped upon order? Is there a way to have a choice of ink color when ordering?

            Good luck and hang in there!
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              The FIRST thing I look for when I visit a site that I've never done business with before is their mailing/physical address, e-mail address, and phone number -- and then I look for their return/refund/replacement policies. If that information isn't there, it doesn't matter what the products or prices are, I'm gone. (Not having that information is characteristic of businesses that may be "here today, gone tomorrow," unresponsive to customers, or just out-and-out scams.) I'm guessing that at least some of your visitors had that reaction. To build a new business, especially on-line, you have to provide the basic information that allows potential customers to trust you with their order and their money. Hope that helps. Weclome to the community and good luck.
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                lathenut Newbie
                All good answers to the question. Looks like I'm only about half there. So it's back to work I go. Using a digital camera and that's not giving me the picture that I see before snapping the picture. Probably the lighting. Live in West Plains, MO and there isn't much here in the way of professional photo people.

                Will revamp it and hope your answers will reverse the trend. Thanks to all.
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                  lathenut Newbie
                  The site does not tell you so I added a line telling visitors to click on the picture for more information and the price. This will keep you out of the shopping cart. There is a shopping cart on the next page also.