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    Money Saving Tips for Small Business - Free Marketing.

    billea Newbie
      Chance to promote your business a little, in exchange for your best money saving tips for small businesses.

      I happen to run a website at , and we're trying to build a collection of tips for saving money. Our section for small business is quite small now, and would love more tips.

      If you can produce a well written article somewhere in the range of 400-600 words, that:

      1. Is a genuinely useful tip for saving money in a small business
      2. Contains real content, and not a "sales pitch" for your business
      3. Isn't obvious to the average person

      I'll post it on my website, with a prominent "author bio" section where you can link back to your own website, promote yourself a bit, etc.

      See for a great example.

      The site is very popular, with around 3000 unique visitors a month, and is page one on google for popular searches like "money saving tips".

      Send an email to if you have an interest, and can produce the content described above.

      Thanks !