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    Digital Phone Service

    rouldph Newbie
      I think today people are looking for low cost service in every product and in every service
      to me thing are tight and are getting to the place customers are asking what can I give up
      no thanks to the government with all the bail outs going on today.

      We wnat to think every thing is going to be ok, let say it is going to be hard to sale to much
      at the rate we use to sale our products and service.

      But we need to save as much as we can and pass the saving on to our customers, if it wasn't for
      our customers we would not be in bussiness and some business have gone the wrong way in
      given their customer the best deal, why? Because of greed and no concern for the customer.

      We have out live our means, becoming lovers of money and no regards to other around us
      looking for the rainbow in the sky and only finding a wet head.

      But we need to take into account on how we can over turn our profits without losing focus on
      our customers and the service they want to buy, as it may be a lost in our profits if we don't find
      ways to give them some type of saving, if we don't we will be out of business and no one will
      will help us out when it comes down to the bottom line No Sale No Business to speak of.

      I can say we here at StilTechCo LLC we are finding way to pass on saving to our customers and we will
      keep looking into new digital technology that can be past on in the year 2009.

      This is always our focus new technology may it be computers-phone service, internet service we
      are on the up an up's growing every year due to the low cost service & products.

      I was always told, what ever you say out of your mouth so shall it be. If you say I'm not gonig
      to make it in business so shall it be, not because of the economy but because of your mouth by confession
      you said you wouldn't make it in business, but if you say I'm going to make it in business than you will.

      By my mouth I'm making it in my business and I going to make more money in my business Yes I am !.