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    Accounting for Expenses Paid for With Personal Cash / Credit

    XOEnterprises Newbie
      Hello everyone. I'm new here.

      I recently decided to take business I was doing as a sole proprietor to an LLC. I have formed a partnership with someone.

      We run a talent agency and design company now.

      I have my accounting system setup in Microsoft Office Accounting 2009. I think I have it set up pretty well.

      Here's my dilema. I made some purchases on Black Friday around $700 for our office. I had forgotten my business card. Is it ok in my accounting software, to setup a personal credit card, and only have 1 or 2 transactions on it? Also, I have setup an account called "Personal Cash", for times I have paid for things with my personal cash.

      I am new to this whole business accounting thing, and can't really afford a CPA for stuff all the time. Any help is much appreciated :)