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    Website Review: Post a website for community review

    intechspecial Ranger

      Post a website for community review.

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          BrassJmes Adventurer
          Hi intechspecial
          As I can't afford to check it right now. I can only offer this advice:
          Why does your site require the installation of Microsoft Silverlight?
          Some people find it off-putting to be required to install a special plugin they're not familiar with (I, atleast, didn't know about it before)
          It may make the site better, more beautiful or enable some great feature otherwise un-attainable..
          But it may also drive visitors and potential costumers away

          Just a though

          <a href="">My LookupPage</a>
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            intechspecial Ranger
            Yes this is true. Over time Silverlight will be a more viable solution.

            Over time I will also be able to fully support Adobe Flash, but onfurtunately I cannot afford the full range software sweet.

            Thanks for your feedback it is appreciated, and I agree with you.

            This is not my companies main site, just a site to put my thoughts and creativity.
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              unclefester Wayfarer
              Great Background. I felt that you should include a few buttons to control the speed of the text as it scrolls down and also maybe a pause button, I had a phone call just into the text and had to deal with it, was not able to pause or rewind, kind of frustrating. I do like the idea of it though, it kept your attention on the text. Did not have any problems loading or browsing, I already have silver light installed and am using Firefox. Hope this helps.

              Tim AKA Uncle Fester
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                  intechspecial Ranger
                  Thank you Uncle Fester.

                  This is my first try at a Silverlight App, and is more a site to just express my strange ways of seeing things, and also try to help others that may be lost.

                  It is also meant to be a site that will encourage people to get help that are in need of it, by mocking the very viewpoint some might take.

                  Buttons, additional pages, functionality, etc, will come with time.

                  The ultimate goal is to make a change for the good, but if only it is a site that allows me to express myself, I guess this is ok as well.